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How Hughston Clinic drives exceptional patient experience using feedback

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Company Snapshot

Hughston Clinic is a nationally recognized center of excellence for musculoskeletal research, education, training, and quality treatment. Specializing in orthopaedics, sports medicine, and trauma, Hughston Clincs goes beyond the typical clinic. The clinic pairs an orthopaedic-specialized team of healthcare professionals with some of the country's best and well-known board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons. With state-of-the-art facilities and strong leadership, Hughston Clinics provides unparalleled care to patients. Many locations offer onsite diagnostic services, physical therapy rehabilitation, and outpatient surgical treatments for added convenience. Physicians are specialized in spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, and ankle care, utilizing cutting-edge techniques and treatments in orthopaedics.

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Before Birdeye, Hughston Clinic struggled to obtain and manage patient reviews and feedback. They relied on manual methods, spending considerable time scouring various healthcare-related third-party review sites. 

Recognizing the importance of maintaining a strong online reputation, Hughston Clinics started looking for a solution to streamline these processes. Once they found Birdeye, they realized they could gather valuable insights into patient sentiments and effectively manage the reputation of both physicians and locations through a user-friendly dashboard.

Since working with Birdeye, Hughston Clinic has seen the following key improvements:

  • 378% increase in reviews.
  • 2390% increase in clicks to phone calls.
  • 5840% increase in map views.
  • 1793% increase in web visits.
  • 1393% increase in search views.
  • 1678% increase in directions.

Site-wide Accuracy: Provider & Location Information Management

With multiple locations and numerous doctors, Hughston Clinic requires a robust tool to easily manage information across all sites at scale, ensuring consistent online visibility. They discovered that many of their doctors and practices had inaccurate information across several healthcare-specific review sites such as Healthgrades, MD.com, Vitals, and RateMD. Birdeye provided a solution by allowing them to effortlessly maintain accurate information for their providers and locations through its integrated API-based listing solution.

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"The need to monitor our online reputation has been growing at record speed each year. We want to protect the reputation of our physicians and locations; therefore, we need to be aware of any problem in a timely manner. Birdeye allows us to do both."
Kathleen Gibson
Kathleen GibsonSystem Marketing Director

Healthy Feedback with Birdeye Surveys

Before Birdeye, Hughston Clinics lacked an automated solution for managing or obtaining reviews. Despite operating since 1949, they had accumulated only 60 reviews. With the introduction of Birdeye, they now have nearly 8,000 reviews!

Their secret? Surveys.

Hughston Clinics conducts various surveys to gather patient feedback and generate reviews. These fully customized surveys collect feedback following specific surgeries or procedures, offering valuable insights and identifying areas for improvement. Additionally, each survey prompts patients to review their doctor, seamlessly directing them to the doctor's review site. This process is triggered by integrating Birdeye with their Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, Athena Health.

These solutions transformed their review response management across all locations and practitioners. As a result, Hughston Clinic has achieved an impressive average conversion rate of 25% on their surveys, receiving more than 66,000 survey responses since implementing Birdeye.

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"Without a service like Birdeye, online reputation management was too time-consuming. Birdeye has provided us a service that has saved us hours of searching and managing this on our own. They have also helped us boost our number of reviews from 60 to over 8000 in the past year."
Kathleen Gibson
Kathleen GibsonSystem Marketing Director

Care Compass: Patient Feedback Analysis

Hughston Clinics uses Birdeye Reporting to analyze patient experience trends, taking a deep dive to understand issues and address concerns before they escalate. This proactive approach is supported by Birdeye Ticketing, which allows for the tracking of low NPS survey results or negative reviews. 

After receiving a low score or negative review, Hughston’s management team tags the respective clinic managers, encouraging practices and providers to engage with the patient for follow-up. This ensures that the guest services department gains visibility into any concerns and can promptly address each issue with the appropriate personnel.

Additionally, Hughston Clinics utilizes Birdeye Insights to optimize patient experience. By digging beneath reviews, ratings, and survey scores, they gain insight into what’s working, what’s not, and where improvements are needed. Customized keyword tracking allows them to monitor sentiments and identify both positive and negative mentions, enabling them to effectively address specific areas for improvements.

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"Reporting is one of the most important features for us! It allows us to show the physicians their current status online, which they are very interested in seeing. We did not have that capability before using Birdeye."
Kathleen Gibson
Kathleen GibsonSystem Marketing Director
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The Birdeye Difference

A positive online reputation plays a crucial role in patients’ ability to find and trust your practice and physicians. It converts searchers into leads and enhances local search rankings. Without a service like Birdeye, online reputation management can be excessively time-consuming. 

Hughston Clinic uses Birdeye to manage their reputation and promptly address any issues with a user-friendly dashboard. As a result, they have built their reputation and attracted more patients. 

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