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Increase in customer satisfaction with CX templates

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Company Snapshot

Kona Cleaners is a 16 location dry-cleaning business based in Orange County.

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Kona Cleaners realized that most of their customers came in through online reviews. The team turned to Birdeye to help them get new customers and drive growth.

One of ReviewMyDryCleaner’s customers was Kona Cleaners, a 16 location dry-cleaning business based in Orange County. The business realized that more customers were coming in through online reviews. Naturally, that led the company to Birdeye. 

New Reviews, Automatically

Before going to the Birdeye team for help, Kona Cleaners was manually inputting review requests. The process would take up too much employee time while too few review requests were getting sent out.

“Birdeye has helped us build a great brand reputation and understand our customers better than ever. It’s affordable, user-friendly, and more than pays for itself with the new customers we get through online reviews.”
Dave Troemel
Dave TroemelGeneral Manager

Birdeye helped implement feedback request automation, connecting the platform directly to Kona Cleaner’s Customer Relationship Management system. This helped the business to send out feedback requests to customers right after they received the service. 

Because of automation, Kona Cleaners was able to send a whopping 85x more requests compared to the previous quarter. As an added bonus, employees no longer had to spend time sending out these review requests manually. 

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Easy Review Management

Requesting reviews wasn’t the only process that was being handled manually. Kona Cleaners’s employees were manually responding to reviews. The process was taking up lots of employee time. Reviews were often not being responded to in a timely manner. 

Birdeye advised Kona Cleaners to use automatic templates for positive reviews. That means that employees had more time to manually respond to negative reviews that required more individual attention.

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Keeping Customers Happy with CX Templates

Kona Cleaners was looking for a way to measure the overall customer sentiment. The business wanted to know whether customers were having good or bad experiences. With this knowledge, Kona Cleaners could alter business operations to improve overall customer experience. Birdeye advised the business to use our customer experience template. 

With the customer experience template, customers are sent emails where they have the option to choose how likely they are to recommend a company on a 1-10 scale. Customers who answer “9” or “10” are considered “promoters”. 

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Kona Cleaners could see the breakdown of how many of its customers were falling into the three NPS categories- Promoters, Passives, and Detractors.

The sentiment click data revealed that Kona Cleaners was doing fantastic. Their NPS score stood at 85 - an astonishing feat. Kona Cleaners now had an accurate gauge of their overall customer experience. They also had the ability to see week-to-week fluctuations in customer opinion.

Customer Experience templates can be linked with review requests if the business chooses. Instead of a regular review email, a customer will get a request to take an NPS survey and then an option to review the business afterward, regardless of what sentiment the customer expressed on the survey.

Birdeye advised Kona Cleaners to link the Customer Experience template with review requests. Results were astonishing - Kona Cleaners received over 3x more reviews quarter over quarter with an additional increase in overall review rating as a result of the campaign.

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Encouraging Employees to Collect Reviews

Kona Cleaners wanted to make sure that each one of its employees was performing up to expectations. Unfortunately, there was no way of measuring customer opinion. Supervisors could not constantly be looking over employees’ shoulders to see how they were doing. 

Birdeye’s platform allows incoming reviews to be linked to individual employees in an “Assisted by” section. This helped Kona Cleaners understand how many review requests were being sent by individual employees. 

This change helped create a different kind of culture at each location. Reviews functioned as a competitive leaderboard where every employee strived to excel and reach the top.

Driving Growth with Birdeye

With review requests, instant responses to feedback, NPS surveys, and employee performance tracking, Kona Cleaners can build customer loyalty and adapt to customer sentiment more efficiently than ever before.

Birdeye: The Obvious Choice

Winning over 400 awards for 10 quarters in a row, Birdeye is the most-awarded and highest-rated customer experience software for businesses of all sizes.

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