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How Webchat, Inbox, and Reviews improved MedLink’s patient experience

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Company Snapshot

Medlink Georgia is a non-profit community health center providing access to high-quality, affordable, comprehensive primary and preventive medical, dental, and mental healthcare.

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MedLink struggled with having an online reputation that was not reflective of their high-quality patient care. MedLink needed a way to manage their online reputation to establish their brand and reach patients that needed them. In addition, they were looking for a way to communicate with their patients effortlessly through multiple channels like email and text messaging. Birdeye was the solution they needed to proactively manage their patient experience. 

"If you’re looking to have a great reputation and customer experience, Birdeye is going to help you. Birdeye makes managing patient experience so easy for your staff. It helps get everyone’s feedback so your potential patients see you provide exceptional experience on a regular basis. And it’s no extra work! With Birdeye our happy customers are leaving reviews and it feels like we've done a complete 180."
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Webchat and Inbox improve patient experience

Before the COVID-19 lockdowns had started across the country, MedLink had enabled Webchat on their website. This has been a big saving grace during quarantine. Now, patients have a convenient place to go to have their questions answered. Patients use Webchat to ask questions like, “Can I still come in for my appointment?” or, “Are you still open?” or, “Do I need to wear a mask?” Knowing that someone was receiving these messages right away makes patients feel taken care of during this uncertain time. 

To ensure that the MedLink team would not get bogged down with answering the same FAQs repeatedly, they also use Chatbot. The combination of Webchat and Chatbot has freed up the staff to tend to more pressing patient needs, while knowing that other patients are getting their questions answered. 

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Using the Birdeye Inbox has helped MedLink consolidate their patient communications. Before Birdeye, their communications were spread out among multiple platforms, making it difficult to follow up with patients and respond in a timely manner. This negatively impacted their patient experience. Now with Inbox, MedLink has one place where they can send and receive text messages, emails, and Webchats, and even listen to new voicemails through Receptionist. This keeps the team organized so they can respond to patients in a flash.


Birdeye reporting takes the guesswork out of improving patient experience. Now MedLink can examine trends in patient experience and take a deep dive to understand the issues and address patient concerns. By having all of this data handy, the board of directors has new insight into the day to day operations of the business. 

The reporting has also demonstrated a fantastic increase in patient satisfaction. Some of their locations went from 0 reviews to 300 reviews since they started with Birdeye 6 months ago. With the increased visibility Birdeye reporting has provided the team, MedLink patient satisfaction has skyrocketed.

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More reviews improved MedLink’s star rating

Because Birdeye was able to integrate with AthenaHealth, now MedLink sends automatic review requests to their patients right after their appointments are completed. Through these simple requests, patients are much more motivated to respond. The MedLink team also loves how easy it is to thank customers for their reviews and respond to patient feedback through the Birdeye dashboard. 

In just the short time they have been using Birdeye, MedLink has seen an explosion in review responses. Before Birdeye, they had only 52 reviews and a 4.1 star rating. Today, they have 807 reviews and a 4.7 star rating! This improved online reputation has brought in more interested prospects and assured them that they are providing patients with the care they need.

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The takeaway

Birdeye has helped MedLink improve patient happiness and communication even amidst a pandemic. MedLink has kept up business and continues to serve their community. Now, their online reputation accurately represents the work they are proud to do, and through the Birdeye Inbox they connect with patients much more efficiently. Using Birdeye has improved MedLink’s patient experience and online reputation, assisting them through this pandemic and setting them up for further success in the future.

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