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One Solution to Connect with Customers and Collect Reviews

Client since: November 2019

Established in 1997, New Horizons Learning Center of South Florida is the country’s leading training provider, specializing in IT, leadership and professional development. They offer cutting-edge courses and teaching strategies that provide a path to success for those in the military, government, and corporations, as well as the general public, that seek to upgrade their skills for the 21st century. Employees need to communicate with their trainees often - before during and after the training.

Before becoming a BirdEye customer, New Horizons Learning Centers of South Florida was using email and phone calls to communicate with their customers. The problem was - the customers preferred the convenience of text messaging. The company started looking for a system that would help them communicate with their customers via text. 

Their search led them to BirdEye. What they loved about the platform was the simplicity with which they could manage customer communication.

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“I would definitely recommend BirdEye as a student communication solution. User-friendly, easy to use, puts you in front of the customer, and gives you control!” 

Charlene TalbotExecutive Director

More Effective Customer Interactions

With BirdEye, New Horizons Learning Center of South Florida no longer has to rely on just email and phone calls. BirdEye Messenger allows New Horizons  Learning Center of South Florida to text message students through the platform. All customer communications are viewable in the dashboard. 

New Horizons uses BirdEye to send class reminders and notifications. Team members are able to use the BirdEye mobile app to check notifications and easily send messages. 

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More Customer Reviews

Implementing BirdEye has helped New Horizons Computer Learning Center of South Florida generate more reviews and build an online reputation. Potential customers typically find the company via an online search. The training provider knew that in order for them to be chosen by customers, they needed to have great online reviews. With BirdEye, New Horizons Computer Learning Center of South Florida could collect new reviews from their customers and build a stellar online reputation. The company used BirdEye to send text messages requesting reviews from their customers.

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These review requests linked to sites like Google and Facebook, with an option to provide feedback directly to the business as well.

These reviews led to real results. At the time of this case study, New Horizons Computer Learning Center of South Florida has 179 reviews across 4 different review sites with a 4.7 overall star rating.

Easy Review Monitoring

BirdEye allows businesses to monitor reviews from over 150+ sites on the BirdEye dashboard. They are also alerted about each incoming review via email and text. Whenever New Horizons Computer Learning Center of South Florida gets a review, employees can respond to the review on the BirdEye dashboard. The response is automatically posted on the site where the review originally appeared.

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More Visibility on Search

New Horizons Computer Learning Center of South Florida now shows up in Google’s local map pack when prospective customers search for local computer training schools. With more reviews than any other result in the map pack, New Horizons stands out from the competition.

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Staying Connected with BirdEye

With BirdEye, New Horizons Computer Learning has managed to stay connected with customers, collect reviews from customers, and rank higher on search. The fact that all of this can be done in a single platform makes the whole process an easy, seamless experience.

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