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How Pangea Properties improved customer experience and boosted local SEO with Birdeye

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Company Snapshot

Pangea Properties is a multi-family real estate owner and operator. They own 13,000 apartment units and manage them across three major markets: Chicago, Indianapolis, and Baltimore. Pangea Properties serves thousands of tenants and works tirelessly to provide them with the best experience.

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With so many locations, Pangea Properties needed a way that they could manage their online reviews and customer communications in one place. They were especially looking for a solution that would help them automate and be customizable to fit the needs of each location. Because of the custom reporting capabilities and automatic review requests, Pangea Properties knew Birdeye was the right solution for them.

Pangea Properties was also suffering from a negative online reputation. They were finding that only their unhappy tenants were leaving reviews, which gave an inaccurate representation of their service to anyone who found them online. Pangea Properties needed a way to amplify the voices of their thousands of happy tenants, and address negative feedback in a strategic way. 

Easy review responses changed the game

Pangea Properties has always known the impact of responding to reviews. When a tenant leaves a great review, responding with a sincere “Thank you!” proves to their tenants that they care. When a tenant leaves a negative review, the team knew they needed to respond quickly to resolve the issue. However, without having the right solution in place, they had struggled to keep up with their review responses at scale. 

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Birdeye helped Pangea Properties respond to all of their reviews, both positive and negative, to improve their customer experience. Now, tenants know that their feedback is being heard and addressed. The constant stream of client feedback helps them to see which locations are performing well, and which locations need additional support. Not only have online reviews helped Pangea Properties improve their customer experience, but it also helps them rank higher in local searches and improve their SEO, which is a crucial element to beating the competition.

Seamless integration with Yardi

Birdeye’s integration with Yardi, a property management software, was another selling point for Pangea Properties. Using Yardi and Birdeye, they are able to collect feedback from tenants on leasing agents’ performance, what their experience was like at a property showing, and how well the company is doing at their call centers. Pangea Properties uses this customer feedback to improve their business practices. Because much of this feedback is given in the form of reviews, the transparency helps to show prospects how much Pangea Properties values their customer experience. 

Business adjustments during a pandemic

Birdeye has helped Pangea Properties maintain the same level of customer care even amidst the pandemic. Many property management companies struggled to adjust to lockdowns and quarantines during COVID-19. As Pangea Properties started to set up virtual tours and online consultations, they noticed through their reviews that some elements were slipping through the cracks. After reading their feedback, they were able to adjust to a smoother process and ensure that all interested prospects were getting the proper follow-up calls and emails.

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Birdeye’s listings management has also helped Pangea Properties keep their tenants and prospects informed about changing operations. Having one tool to push out the correct information improved customer experience and helped them keep all customers informed and happy during these uncertain times. 

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"Having a great customer experience is so important in the apartment industry. It's crucial to have great reviews and to keep your customers happy along every step of the customer journey. Birdeye helped us do that. The added SEO benefit from Birdeye's local listing management and local SEO has been a huge positive as well."
Arun Das
Arun DasHead of Marketing and Technology

How Pangea Properties found success

By choosing Birdeye as their solution, Pangea Properties was able to improve their customer experience from the moment of discovery. Birdeye has helped them manage their online reputation across all of their locations, respond to customer feedback quickly, and see where business strategy adjustments were needed. Their current review cadence keeps them informed about their client experience across all of their properties, and helps them turn previous issues into opportunities for client delight.

Birdeye: The Obvious Choice

Winning over 400 awards for 10 quarters in a row, Birdeye is the most-awarded and highest-rated customer experience software for businesses of all sizes.

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