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Many happy clients, no online evidence

Rani Alfers Insurance Agency of Farmers Insurance is dedicated to helping families with their financial strategies. Alfers’ clients have always been impressed with her knowledgeable staff and high quality services. However, most of them weren’t leaving reviews, making it difficult for prospective clients to find Rani Alfers Insurance Agency online -- and even if they found it, there was no social proof of the company’s credibility.

Rani Alfers knew how important reviews were, but her efforts just weren’t delivering results.


“BirdEye provides an an easy, user-friendly review process. I’m certain the only reason I have all these Google reviews is because we’ve provided the BirdEye app to our clients. It certainly has driven more leads and phone calls to our agency.”

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“My service team was not very successful in getting conversions on requests for reviews,” said Alfers. “We were asking people for a review [in person] before. People were like 'Oh sure, okay'”, but no one would go to the site on their own and do that.”

The agency had only collected a handful of reviews in several years. To build the trust required to get new clients, Rani Alfers Insurance Agency needed a way to ask every client for a review and spread the word about their experiences.

Reach every client at the perfect moment

Since asking clients for reviews in person clearly wasn’t working, Rani Alfers Insurance Agency sought a way to allow customers to leave a review in as few steps as possible. They also needed to ask customers at the right time -- not too soon after a service, but not too late, either.

The agency integrated BirdEye into their business process for insurance sales to automate review requests. “We’ve set up an internal system where 3 days after a business is signed up, we send them a link directly,” said Alfers. With BirdEye, Alfers can customize review request emails and text messages for her customers, choose when to send them, and BirdEye handles the rest so Alfers and her team don’t have to add any extra work to their day.

Reaching Client

With BirdEye, Alfers and her team can monitor all their reviews from all sites in one place. This way if they ever receive a negative review, they know right away and can take action. “We only had one really negative review ever and my agent called the customer who wrote it,” said Alfers. After a lengthy discussion, the issue was sorted out and the customer edited the negative review due to the great customer service she received from the agent.

BirdEye also lets Alfers share the agency’s reviews to her social media channels so they reach a wider audience. “When a review is pushed to Facebook we will boost it and try to get it seen by as many people as possible,” said Alfers.


More reviews, more website traffic,
more new clients

With BirdEye, Rani Alfers Insurance Agency has increased its Google review volume by 6000% and her excellent service is now evident online due to her 5-star average rating.. The agency is now 21% higher than the industry average rating of 4.1 stars. By promoting reviews to social media, Rani Alfers Insurance Agency continues to generate new website traffic and leads: the custom-branded review microsite BirdEye built for the agency has received more than 20K prospect visits.

This surge in reviews has put Rani Alfers Insurance Agency into the local limelight. Now when prospective clients search for the best insurance for their family, Rani Alfers Insurance Agency of Farmers Insurance stands out as the clear favorite.

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