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Sargeants Conveyancing navigates their way to success by offering an improved buying experience tailored by Birdeye.

Sargeants Conveyancing Navigates Their Way To Success By Offering An Improved Buying Experience Tailored By Birdeye 1679460475993
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Company Snapshot

Sargeants Conveyancing Hawthorn is a conveyancing firm that specialises in property transactions in the Hawthorn area of Melbourne. The firm is staffed by experienced conveyancers who are dedicated to providing a smooth and stress-free transaction process for their clients. The services offered by the firm include buying and selling property, property transfers, and conveyancing for commercial properties.

  • 2020
  • 1978

Sargeants Conveyancing has seen the following key improvements in the past 12 months with Birdeye:

  • 325 new reviews generated
  • 36% increase in calls to the business (593 calls)
  • 71% increase in website visitors (1,553 clicks)
  • 36% increase in direction requests (154 requests)
  • 87% increase in discovery searches (20,789 appearances)
  • 121% increase in Google profile views (37,702 views)

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