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Great patient experience means 2x more patients

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Company Snapshot

Steele Creek Pediatric is a three location pediatric dentist. They have five dentists, all pediatric dental specialists who love caring for children and individuals with special needs. They are committed to providing children with the best oral care in a fun, pleasant, experienced, and caring environment.

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Steele Creek Pediatric is dedicated to delivering exceptional patient experiences that consistently exceed expectations. Despite successfully achieving this goal, the practice found its positive reputation wasn't accurately reflected on platforms like Google and Facebook. With three locations and just under 177 total reviews, Dr. Goodman, a dentist at Steele Creek Pediatric, recognized a gap between his patients' feedback and the online narrative, leading to potential patients overlooking the practice.

To address this, Steele Creek Pediatric sought a solution to showcase social proof, build credibility, and maintain excellent patient experiences. Dr. Goodman turned to Birdeye, a patient experience software, for assistance.

Before adopting Birdeye, Steele Creek Pediatric experimented with various platforms to promote its patient experience, including soliciting referrals at the front desk. However, this approach proved time-consuming and resulted in few reviews, diverting staff attention from other critical tasks.

Having embraced paperless operations for years with the patient management software DoxPedo, Steele Creek Pediatric discovered that Birdeye seamlessly integrated with DoxPedo. Dr. Goodman recognized this integration as a convenient solution to effortlessly gather patient reviews, enhance credibility, and promote positive patient experiences.

"We knew we had happy patients but the word wasn’t getting out. Birdeye was the best investment we made for promoting our practice."
Dr. Scott Goodman
Dr. Scott GoodmanPediatric Dentist at Steele Creek Pediatric

More social proof means 2x more patients

Birdeye made Steele Creek Pediatric’s positive patient experiences more visible to potential patients. With the DoxPedo integration, patients would automatically receive a review request after an appointment, with a link to an external site like Google and Facebook.

Today, all three practices have over 700 total reviews. Prospective patients can now immediately see hundreds of quality patient experience testimonials with a quick Google search. The number of new patients coming in has more than doubled since the practice started with Birdeye.  

Tracking patient experiences

With Birdeye, Dr. Goodman is now able to make sure that patients at all three of his practices receive high-quality patient care. With the help of Birdeye’s natural language processing engine Athena, Dr. Goodman can now see the most frequently mentioned topics in patient reviews. This gives him a good idea of how practices are performing in areas like staff and experience.

Birdeye allows Dr. Goodman to track each one of his practices’ patient experience. If one of them begins to underperform, he can make changes to operations immediately. 

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Be the best practice with Birdeye

With Birdeye’s integration with DoxPedo, Steele Creek Pediatric’s three practices are thriving. Now, patients all over the area know that Steele Creek Pediatric delivers fantastic experiences across the board. 

Birdeye: The Obvious Choice

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