How Superior Storage drives world-class online reputation and customer referrals

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Company Snapshot

Superior Storage is a 16 location self-storage business with affordable self-storage units available across Wisconsin and Arkansas. The company provides month-to-month leases, easy paperwork and drive-up access which makes self-storage renting a breeze.

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Superior Storage has always been aware of the importance of staying on top of their online reputation management. They know that in order for them to be chosen by their prospective customers they need to have a stellar online reputation, and to show up higher than their competitors online. Google reviews are a must for this. They also know that referrals are a terrific way to grow their business.

Before the company signed up with Birdeye, Superior Storage had been sending requests for reviews and referrals manually. Location managers understood the importance of sending out review request emails to their customers and getting new reviews on Google. The company also had an incentive plan to motivate the office managers at their storage locations to consistently request reviews. In order to generate new referrals, one location even offered $50 off the monthly rent in exchange for referrals that converted. This referral program was also managed manually.

Despite their best efforts, the company was not generating enough reviews or referrals that would be indicative of their happy customer base. They knew that they needed a system that would help them to automate review generation and referrals.

Since using Birdeye, Superior Storage has seen the following key improvements:

  • 268% increase in reviews.
  • 256% increase in number of reviews they responded to
  • 33% increase in clicks to phone calls.
  • 14% increase in map views.
  • 49% increase in web visits.
  • 44% increase in search views.
  • 86% increase in directions.

Making the reviews process simple and automated

Birdeye now allows Superior Storage to automate their review request process. Emails and texts are sent automatically to their customers with a link that allows them to leave a review on Google and other review sites easily. The company is able to customize the review site links within the request so that they receive new reviews for each individual storage facility. They also send the review requests immediately following the customers’ experience with the storage facility, realizing over time that this helps to drive better review conversion from their email and text requests.

The company found its reviews and rating increased as soon as they started using Birdeye. Birdeye-powered customization and the ability to send automated reminders through a SiteLink integration has been a big benefit to Superior Storage. It has made their process easy and automated, so they can instead focus on their customers.

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"In the previous 8 months before Birdeye, our average monthly Google review count had been 25 reviews across 16 locations. Since we signed up with Birdeye, we have been getting 45-50 new reviews each month."
Brandon Wipperfurth, Director of Marketing
Brandon WipperfurthDirector of Marketing
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Automated Referrals with Birdeye

Because Superior Storage had experienced such success with reputation management with Birdeye, it was therefore not surprising when they signed up for Birdeye Referrals as soon as the product was launched. They needed an automated way to get new referrals and track them efficiently. The company configured the system to send out referral request 2 weeks after a customer had moved in. This allows the customer not to feel overwhelmed with solicitous emails/texts. Customers can easily share Superior Storage with their friends via text, email, Facebook, or Facebook messenger.

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"In our business, self-storage, referrals are really important. Not every self-storage facility is run well. So when someone is looking for a facility to store their belongings, it can be really helpful to the customer if someone they know had a good experience with us."
Brandon Wipperfurth, Director of Marketing
Brandon WipperfurthDirector of Marketing

Superior storage finds Birdeye’s referral reporting extremely easy to use and understand. “One of the things I find most beneficial is the “shared” and “leads” tabs on the dashboard. I really like the transparency in the Birdeye dashboard. The entire dashboard is very easy to use and report on.” says Brandon. 

It’s exceptionally easy for the company to see who has shared the referral. Birdeye also allows them to see where referrals were shared by their customers, and the leads that came in as a result. 

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The overall results speak for themselves. In the very first month of automating referrals, 26 people shared their love for Superior Storage with their friends and relatives. What’s more - they had 6 new customers sign up as a result of the automated referral program. This automated word of mouth has already started to result in new customers.

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One easy place to manage all locations

Another benefit Birdeye has provided to Superior Storage is that there is now one centralized location for all reviews and referrals. Managers and locations can easily access their own reviews, while Brandon can see how each location is tracking or any trends that may need to be addressed. Because they’re running 16 facilities, an organized and easy to use dashboard was very important to the team when they were selecting a vendor to help grow their business.

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The reporting capabilities make it very easy for Superior Storage to see how each location is trending. 

Birdeye makes it very simple to manage all review sites over all their locations from one dashboard. With Birdeye’s Google integration, Superior Storage can respond to reviews right from the BirdEye dashboard. For any customers who communicate directly with the company, the team is also able to reply back to the customer quickly through the dashboard. Birdeye helps the team to easily and quickly address both positive and negative customer experiences

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“Top-Notch” customer service

On top of the technology that Birdeye is providing Superior Storage, one of the reasons Birdeye stood out above the rest is its award-winning customer service. When Superior Storage was looking for a company to partner with, they knew that having a dedicated support rep who could help them achieve their goals was very important to them. Superior Storage calls the support they’re receiving from Birdeye ‘top-notch’ and ‘the best’ of any company with whom they’ve worked.

“Birdeye does the hard work, making our jobs easier, and provides top-notch service to better your business,” says Brandon. Birdeye has both the tools and the support, and quickly proved to be a great partner in helping Superior Storage stand out from its competition.

Birdeye: The Obvious Choice

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