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Organizations are used to addressing customer complaints through calls and emails, but what about reviews and social mentions, where most conversations are really happening? Customers in need of support don’t always reach out, so it’s up to you to detect emerging issues.

Proactive customer service involves monitoring customer feedback, flagging potential pain points, and responding quickly with informed, coordinated action.

Mathis Brothers transforms customer experience, boosts retention with social ticketing


Make customer feedback actionable

BirdEye lets you convert any review or social mention into a social ticket.

BirdEye integrates with existing support ticket systems and CRM platforms to streamline efforts. Engage in an open dialogue with your customers to identify patterns and solve problems before they escalate and trend. Improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn, convert detractors and decrease call center load.

Streamline issue management and resolution

Assign tickets to relevant employees based on reviews and social comments to ensure quick, thorough responses from dedicated individuals.

Track issue resolution to confirm follow-through, and collaborate internally to keep the dialogue between your organization and your customers fluid and constructive.

Evaluate employee performance

BirdEye provides insights specifically designed to help you enhance internal operations.

Quick responses are key to customer satisfaction. Track average response rate over time or by location. Use BirdEye’s Service Reports to track ticket resolution by time and location. Systematically manage all open tickets by monitoring ticket count by owner and by status, and learn where to adjust training procedures.


Convert any review or social mention into a social ticket, turning review monitoring and social listening into proactive customer service.

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