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Nov 19, 2018

Birdeye introduces improved Usage Reports

ImprovementWith special enhancement within conversion calculations, Birdeye's Usage Reports are now bound to yield better results for users.

Birdeye has announced an improved Usage Reports with special enhancement in the logic being used to calculate the conversions. The system now counts all conversions based on the original email request that was sent. In other words, an open/click event on a reminder will also be attributed to the original email sent (and when it was sent). 

This enhanced feature will lessen a high number of reminders being sent as compared to the review requests and also make an impact on the Employee Leaderboard data. With the help of the enhanced version, users will now be able to see conversion on a more 'per request' basis, not on a per email basis. This will ensure that more accurate data is shared with the business and better review planning can be put into action.