7 Important traits that make you stand out as an estate planning attorney

Being in the practice for a considerable amount of time, you as an estate planning attorney would have had experiences with difficult clients. Sometimes the reasons have more to do with the client than with the lawyer. Even then you need to inculcate certain qualities that make you an efficient problem solver. With a lot of sub-par estate planners out there, how you differentiate yourself from the crowd plays a major role in shaping your reputation. You can sustain yourself in the estate planning market if you develop these 7 traits:

  • Constantly Updated
  • Be the Best
  • Adaptable
  • Efficient communicator
  • Empathetic
  • Good relationship builder
  • Highly reputed


Constantly updated

A successful estate planning attorney should constantly be in the mode of improving themselves. In this practice things can change over time. Hence, an attorney should never be content with the limited amount of knowledge. Practicing law means staying updated on any changes that are made in the laws and regulations that govern estate planning. An estate planning attorney remains up-to-date on any changes that may have taken place when it comes to inheritances and estates.

Be the best

You have got to be the best in your field. The one with a vast amount of knowledge like a subject matter expert. Do everything you can to master the subject matter. By posting your writings on the internet and sharing your success stories, you can instill trust among the existing and potential customers. Let the public know about your extensive knowledge.  This lets your prospects believe that they are working with “the expert.”


Along your professional journey you will meet all sort of clients, from rude to genuine or from critical to highly inquisitive. The ability to stand strong when dealing with all sorts of people is the key.  Also, you should have the ability to adapt yourself as and how the situation demands. This trait can land you many clients and you will be able to cater to all possible prospects.

Efficient communicator

estate planning attorney

An efficient communicator usually covers both aspects of communication – Listening and Speaking. Estate planning attorneys must keep in mind that complex matters, which sometimes involve an emotional element. Therefore, estate planning requires a comprehensive understanding of the entire scenario. Hence, they must be amazing listeners. Simultaneously, a successful estate planning attorney must also be able to express themselves to their clients.


Understanding your clients is what empathy is all about. As estate planning matters tend to get a little emotional, the clients need to be treated with utmost care. Put yourself in your client’s shoes to get an idea of how your clients feel when they approach you. Your empathy shouldn’t only stop at conversations. Touch-base with your clients, who post bad reviews, to show concern and clear their doubts. If required, apologize!

Good at maintaining relationships

estate planning attorney

A good estate planning attorney maintains relationships with their clients by not only communicating, but also educating them on the legal process. By ensuring that clients understand how the law works in their particular situation, they reduce misunderstandings and allow their clients to make informed decisions. This makes clients trust the lawyers. Also, routinely following up with clients, sometimes “outside office”, can also turn your clients into your promoters.

Highly reputed

Your position as leader in the market massively depends on your overall reputation and knowledge of your field. While the latter can be taken care of, the former requires years of experience, trust building, and consistent hard work. In this digital age, social media channels provide your clients with ample opportunities to express their views and spread the so called ‘word-of-mouth’. In these times, it becomes all the more important to manage your online reputation and leverage it to get more clients. This eventually will help you gain more business. By managing your online reputation, you, as an estate planning attorney can respond to your clients on any social media channel instantly, promote the positive reviews and stayed connected with your audience.

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