5 Benefits of Blogging for Attorneys

Frederik Hermann

4 min read Last Updated Dec 13, 2019

Every law firm these days tries a different approach to increase its customer base online. Whether executing a successful marketing campaign or running a customer survey, the end result is to attain clientele. Blogs, just like other social media marketing channels, are an effective and efficient way to gain more clients. Apart from tangible benefits of blog businesses also experience intangible benefits. These intangible benefits include increased knowledge and opportunity to work through ideas.

Top 5 benefits of blogging necessary for you and your company’s growth:

Grow Professional Network

You enter the professional arena to build a name for yourself. There you will encounter lot of people that you want to be connected with, irrespective of their roles. However, individually reaching out to them to forge an expansive network is practically not possible. Blogging can be that one platform where you can connect with your past clients, present clients, and so on.

benefits of blog

Blogging is one of the many ways that can help clients find out information about you. Having a blog also helps them learn what it is that you do. On the other hand, you might have various industry experts commenting on your blog posts. This can be major step for you in developing new professional relationships.

Promotes you as an Industry Leader

Competitor analysis

A well-written blog showcases your subject-matter knowledge, awareness of client needs and concerns, and commitment to service. One of the benefits of blog is that it provides reassurance to your clients in a compelling way, more than promotion posters or personalized emails, that you are the perfect choice for them. You showcase your knowledge through a blogging channel. That is read by a prospective client, and they feel more positive about your company or practice. 78% of consumers claim that custom content (blog content) is a sign that a business or organization is interested in building strong relationships.  

Better Markets your Practice

Blogging not only provides a creative outlet for attorneys, but also allows you to remind your network about the specific areas of law you practice. This can be a promotional material that subtly informs your readers about the areas where you can help your clients.

Apart from that, if you share smart content (tips, dos and don’ts etc.), you’ll have another opportunity to interact, nurture and educate them about issues that materially affect their lives. In this aspect, a blog help you by helping you build a strong connect with your customers. This can be touted as a major one of the major benefits of blog.

Enhances Professional Reputation

It’s all about how you make your customer feel when they approach and interact with you brand. Your reputation goes a long way in helping you expand your business or retain the old clientele. A blog written after acutely examining and coalescing your customer’s comments that serves to resolve any conflict or re-instate a certain belief can go a long way in forging high degrees of trust.

Remember, reading your blogs is one of the initial steps many visitors take before retaining your services or give you the opportunity to build a relationship with prospective clients before they ever call your office. One of the benefits of blog is that you can significantly improve your online reputation by crafting effective blog articles that prove to be of ‘value’ to your clients.

Improves SEO for your firm’s website

By identifying and targeting a select group of keywords in your blog posts you may be able to improve your site’s search rankings for certain terms. Since your blog is content rich and helps people find your site when searched for particular keywords, it increases the probability of your site to be found.

Blogging benefits you by creating targeted content that will attract those potential clients to your law firm’s website. Craft a well-written post with actionable advice and insights only an experienced attorney can offer. Readers may share it with their friends on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This is one of the major benefits of blogging.

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