We live in a data-driven business world where every piece of customer feedback is nothing less than a goldmine. Organizations that effectively use customer feedback data to improve operations can expect a boost to their performance.

Studies have shown that companies leveraging analytics and reporting tools experience an ROI increase of 25%. Birdeye Reports is at the forefront of innovation in this field, providing advanced reporting tools that empower businesses to unlock the hidden potential within their data.

Tackling modern business challenges with Birdeye Reports

Managing customer experience (CX) and online reputation pose various business challenges. Fragmented data across multiple systems and tools, complexities in monitoring performance across locations, and identifying areas for improvement can overwhelm even the most efficient enterprises.

Birdeye Reports tackles these hurdles head-on by offering granular insights into customer experience and online reputation management (ORM). As a business, you can easily make informed decisions by consolidating data from digital touchpoints throughout the customer journey and across locations.  

The significance of actionable insights in shaping business strategies

Leveraging insights derived from customer feedback is crucial for creating successful growth strategies. A recent Forrester survey revealed that companies committed to prioritizing customer feedback reported a 2.5 times higher revenue growth than those who neglected it. The stark difference highlights how customer insights greatly influence business outcomes.

But the power of feedback is not limited to just customer satisfaction. It provides a roadmap for innovation through product improvements and service enhancements, eventually leading to an elevated customer experience. 

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Essential CX and ORM reporting capabilities 

In the ever-changing world of B2B software services, the CX and ORM platform you choose hugely impacts your organization’s flexibility and intelligence.

To stay ahead of the curve, you must ensure that your chosen platform has features that enable your business to transform data into valuable strategic assets. These core features include:

1. Comprehensive analytics: A B2B SaaS reporting platform should provide in-depth analytics that combines data from all user interactions and touchpoints. It should also offer location-level insights, allowing your businesses to better understand operations, customer sentiment, and market trends at each individual location—a critical aspect for effective planning and execution. 

2. Real-time data accessibility: The ability to access real-time data is vital for making the right decisions at the right time. Therefore, a reporting platform capable of providing real-time updates is essential for businesses to respond quickly to market changes and meet customer needs.

3. Customizable dashboards: Customizable dashboards are essential for rapid and focused decision-making. They allow users to focus on metrics aligned with their business goals, giving them a personalized overview of the most relevant data for their roles and objectives. 

4. Data visualization: Data visualization is the process of presenting datasets in intuitive graphics. A reliable reporting platform should offer a range of visualization tools that help you easily understand data trends and anomalies. This is crucial for making valuable insights easy to comprehend so you can take timely actions.

5. Ability to share insights with relevant stakeholders: An effective B2B SaaS reporting platform should make sharing insights with all stakeholders easy. Whether through automated reports or shareable dashboards, the ability to distribute information ensures that team members and executives are well-informed and aligned.

6. Security and privacy: Due to increasing cyber-attack threats, ensuring security and privacy should be one of your top priorities when choosing a reporting platform. It should implement measures to safeguard data, protecting user information from unauthorized access or breaches, thereby maintaining trust and compliance.

Key differentiators that make Birdeye Reports stand out

1. Comprehensive, multi-location coverage

Birdeye enterprise reporting screenshot.

Birdeye Reports is designed explicitly for multi-location businesses, offering a comprehensive suite of reports that track every aspect of the customer journey. It integrates data from different sources like reviews, listings, social media, inboxes, campaigns, surveys, and ticketing to deliver granular, location-level insights. This broad coverage allows businesses to dissect data by location from every customer interaction and use that information to make informed decisions.

2. Intuitive, visual charts and dashboards

Birdeye enterprise reporting screenshot.

Birdeye Reports provides a visually engaging experience and simplifies data by presenting it in a way that’s easy to grasp and navigate. Users can toggle between different report visualizations that best suit their needs. 

3. Advanced filters and comparison options 

Birdeye enterprise reporting screenshot.

Users can apply advanced filters to drill deep into specific aspects of the data and filter out any unnecessary noise. Compare performance between locations or time periods to track progress and quickly identify improvement opportunities.

Birdeye enterprise reporting screenshot.

Birdeye Reports offers real-time and historical data, giving you the best of both worlds — continuous measurements that keep you up to date and an ability to understand past, present, and emerging trends. 

5. Actionable insights at your fingertips

Birdeye enterprise reporting screenshot.

One of Birdeye Report’s standout aspects is its ability to provide actionable insights. The reports are designed to drive actions and positive outcomes, making the insights lead to improvements. The platform ensures that everyone, from location managers to top-level executives, is involved and stays informed about progress through regular reports. This feature democratizes data within Birdeye Reports and catalyzes actions across the entire organization.  

6. Uncompromised security

In today’s world, security is of utmost importance. Birdeye Reports prioritizes the confidentiality of data by implementing security protocols typically used by enterprises. Access is carefully controlled, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access the company’s data repository. This meticulous approach to data security establishes a foundation of trust, positioning Birdeye Reports as a guardian of business intelligence.

Birdeye Reports: A suite of advanced features

Birdeye Reports goes beyond being a reporting tool; it’s a solution equipped with essential features:

1. Reports across the customer journey

Granular insights are obtained across the customer journey from Listings, Reviews, Social, Inbox, Surveys, and Ticketing.

2. Location-level reports

These reports are tailored for multi-location businesses, offering insights into the performance of each location. This empowers managers to make informed decisions aligned with the needs and preferences of local customers. 

3. Comparison reports

This feature allows businesses to compare performance across locations or time periods, helping them track progress and identify areas ready for improvement.

4. Charts and data visualization

Birdeye Reports simplifies complex data by transforming it into intuitive charts and visuals. This allows users to quickly understand trends and patterns, enabling them to interpret data and make decisions confidently.

5. Custom dashboards

Managers can create custom dashboards focused on metrics catering to their specific requirements. This enhances the reporting experience by surfacing the most relevant insights.  

6. Report/Dashboard actions

Birdeye Reports offers customizable dashboards that allow users to duplicate, email, schedule, and download reports, presenting insights in their preferred format and style. They can share these reports across the organization, keeping relevant stakeholders well-informed and aligned.

7. Enterprise-grade security

Birdeye Reports implements top-tier security measures to safeguard user data, fostering trust and reliability among its users.

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How Birdeye Reports benefits various roles within an organization

Reliable reporting can be truly transformative as it provides tailored insights for every role within an organization. Birdeye Reports is specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals across a company, enhancing decision-making at all levels.

CMOs, VPs, and business owners

Birdeye Reports offers end-to-end real-time visibility into customer experience (CX), reputation management (ORM), and social media initiatives. It presents a comprehensive view of the company’s presence by providing insights into individual location performance and relative performance across locations. This information allows leaders to make data-driven decisions that improve marketing ROI and productivity.

Online Reputation managers and directors

These professionals receive location and time-based insights into reviews and listing performance. Birdeye Reports provides a tool for businesses to analyze the performance of their Google Business Profiles, Net Promoter Score (NPS), customer sentiment, and even employee performance in handling and responding to reviews. This data is crucial for maximizing campaign conversions and refining reputation management strategies.

Social Media managers and directors

For social media managers, Birdeye Reports offers insights into follower growth across different channels and locations. It also enables the analysis of post metrics to help tune social media performance by identifying top-performing content. These managers can optimize their social media spending by examining metrics across channels to increase reach and engagement.

Customer Experience managers and directors

Customer experience leaders can benefit from Birdeye Reports by gaining visibility into responsiveness at both location and employee levels. They can easily interpret customer feedback from surveys and effectively track and resolve any issues, ensuring the business remains attentive to customer needs while maintaining high service standards.

Why choose Birdeye as your all-in-one CX and ORM platform

Birdeye Reports goes beyond a tool; it becomes a partner in business growth. The platform captures customer feedback from diverse channels and intelligently analyzes it for actionable location-level insights. This comprehensive approach drives data-based decision-making and enhances the overall customer experience.

Let’s take a look at what our happy customers are saying about Birdeye’s reporting capabilities:

Southern Careers Institute

Birdeye reporting provided Southern Careers Institute with clear, easy-to-access insights, enabling them to create targeted strategies for each campus.

“The reports are extremely helpful and quick to pull. They are GREAT to show my executive team a quick snapshot of our reputation improvements, opportunities and how we are addressing them. These features made my job much easier in showing my CEO and COO that Birdeye is worth the investment.”

– Justin Shook, Director of Social Media and Strategy at Southern Careers Institute.

Cunningham Restaurant Group

Birdeye reporting provided Cunningham Restaurant Group (CRG) with valuable insights that helped them guide their culinary teams to adapt menus as per customer reviews, ensuring their offerings align closely with guest desires.

“We simply couldn’t have done it without Birdeye. I didn’t have a huge team to manage this. Having a partner like Birdeye made this such a smooth process. We were able to have a good, solid ability to inform guests and keep them coming back to visit us.”

– Carissa Newton, Director of Marketing at CRG.

Moss & Company

Birdeye reporting helped Moss & Company to precisely evaluate property performance regionally, offering insights into review responses and volume.

“Birdeye eliminates confusion for our staff by providing intuitive and easy-to-use management tools. The reporting features help us overcome the challenges of tracking specific areas of performance and allow us to monitor progress. Prior to Birdeye, it was a challenge to get customer feedback. Birdeye makes it easy for us to obtain customer feedback, and to know at any given point where we stand in regards to our performance.”

– Andre Gerasimov, Business Development Director at Moss & Company.

Level up your business insights with Birdeye Reports

For businesses seeking data-driven decision-making based on customer feedback, Birdeye Reports is an indispensable tool that helps harness the power of this valuable data asset. Experience the power of Birdeye Reports, a solution that enhances customer experience management and revolutionizes how businesses understand and leverage customer feedback. By embracing Birdeye Reports, you can unlock the potential of your customer feedback to drive measurable business growth.

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