Brand awareness strategies for attorneys

Branding awareness is a way of promoting your business to your customers. You should use your online brand awareness to establish yourself as an expert and show potential clients your strengths.

Social media has created new opportunities for attorneys to shine as thought leaders and entrepreneurs. By having active online social profiles, you can establish yourself as the best in the business while making it easier for clients to find you in searches. Here are five tips for attorneys to establish a solid online presence and reach new customers:

  • Customer surveys
  • Become a thought leader
  • Establish a communication process
  • Establish your company’s motto
  • Network online

The 5 top brand awareness strategies

Customer surveys

Surveying your customers allows you to gather insights and information about how you are perceived by your target audience. Their responses will help you identify what’s working and what isn’t. Leveraging the survey data, you can improve your services in a way that creates a better brand perception. You can also take survey responses to highlight what you are doing well. By understanding what your audience values, you can make sure you are marketing touches on the services that matter most.

Become a thought leader

One of the best ways to put a face and voice to your legal expertise is to blog. Building a credible discussion on topics in your area of practice can serve as the foundation for your professional presence on the internet. Make sure though, keeping an online brand presence in mind, that are careful to consider the difference between shareable insights and actual legal advice. The two should never be confused by followers or readers. Another way to become a thought leader is to stay active on Twitter. Here are 8 ways you can master your Twitter marketing. One quick example is retweeting! Retweet other thought leaders on your social profiles to show clients that you are up to date on relevant issues in the industry.

Establish a communication process

How you connect your online brand presence with potential customers is critical. Customers now have a variety of ways to connect with brands. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to comments and tags on social media. This will keep you informed about what your customers are saying about you. How you handle these conversations is important. Since potential customers may read the feedback from your existing customers and your responses. Negative feedback, if not addressed properly, can be detrimental to your business. Consequently, it could prevent your clients from recommending your service to others.

Establish your company’s motto

We all get business jingles stuck in our head. In order to make an impression on clients, create a motto or a tagline should reflect your personality and professionalism. A simple and well thought-out motto should be something that is easily remembered.

Network online

Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are perfect to connect directly with your audience and build relationships. Make yourself available for help, advice, and guidance. You should aim to become the brand that not only caters to but also interacts with your audience. Try to pinpoint the leaders in your field. Reach out to them by regularly commenting on their Facebook and Twitter posts, and blogs. Establishing your online brand presence will help build your business. It will also help you form lasting and beneficial professional relationships. A business that leaves a lasting positive impression on its clients is usually more successful in converting customers to promoters.


Need extra help with your practice’s brand awareness?

BirdEye is a powerful online tool that helps you develop a strong online presence and connect with your customers. Moreover, it can give you access to your customers’ comments and opinions of you on social media and review sites. Easy analytics provide you with actionable insights. This can prove to be crucial in shaping your standing in the market.

Brand awareness

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