Customer insight – BirdEye uses NLP and machine learning

Businesses get a leg up by running natural language processing (NLP) not only on their own customers’ feedback, but on their competitors’ public data (100s of review sites and social media sites)

The BirdEye platform has expanded the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms for businesses to capture what customers are saying. This is now on all channels (surveys, review sites, social media), including their competitors’.

For years, businesses have been able to run NLP on internal surveys to drive business insights. BirdEye has revolutionized the capabilities of NLP by expanding it to all channels of customer feedback. These include review sites, social media, and Net Promoter surveys. Many large enterprises have implemented BirdEye’s platform to understand their customers’ conversations. It works with mystery shopping, NPS surveys, social media and online review sites with equal accuracy, all in one place.

That’s not all. The BirdEye platform now runs NLP on competitive data. So now businesses can capture deep insights from their competitors’ customer feedback. Hertz Rent-A-Car, one of Birdeye’s platform adopters, can use BirdEye’s extensive intel to determine if their check-in wait time is too long at their San Francisco location. They can also see how it compares to wait times at Avis or Enterprise. This informed sense of their competitors’ customer experience and sentiments can provide an invaluable strategic advantage.

Machine learning adds adaptability to customer insight

To ensure accuracy and adaptability, BirdEye has integrated its NLP system with the latest machine learning technology. Many companies strictly use machine learning as a black-box technology without understanding the type of data it was designed to process. This can result in misguided, inaccurate predictions. These black-box technologies can struggle on unstructured, unpredictable customer reviews that differ from past data patterns. BirdEye has instead built custom machine learners for the channels that matter to businesses.

By combining the latest machine learning technology with modern linguistic customer insights, BirdEye has pioneered a uniquely intelligent platform with the ability to identify crucial new trends and topics in the customer base that traditional analytics misses. “We train our learning algorithms from the ground up on the data that matters most to companies. This allows our technology to provide a more precise analysis about what customers are saying,” says Nate Chambers, Chief NLP Scientist for BirdEye.

“Our goal is to unlock the full potential of NLP and machine learning for businesses. At BirdEye, we are continuously processing a large volume of customer feedback for businesses and their competitors. We are analyzing both structured and unstructured content to identify rich snippets that convey customers’ overall sentiment. We provide such valuable insights to businesses in real-time so that they can incorporate and enhance their customer experience.” says Ameya Virkar, VP Engineering at BirdEye.

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