For growing businesses in the health and fitness industry, creating good content and using social media to spread that content online are very important. If you’re the owner of a gym or a fitness studio, who’s trying to expand your business, you need to focus on establishing a good online reputation. By setting up your business website, social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter, and getting your fitness service listed on Google Business Profile or other popular listings, you’re covering the basic steps but what next?

You need to leverage exciting content on social media. Here are eleven quick tips to help you do that:

1) Create inspiring testimonial videos

Video content is extremely popular on social media and you can use this trend to your advantage. Make sure that your videos are short and communicate the story in an appealing way. If you have a high-resolution camera phone, you can use it for recording these videos but remember to keep your video length within 2 mins.

You can use videos to spread important information about your gym or fitness studio and engage your clients in an enjoyable experience. Videos on gym workouts or client testimonials are great for showcasing the benefits of joining your fitness studio and inspiring new clients to enroll with you. Your clients, who are trying to get healthy will love to hear about the success stories of other people achieving fitness goals. Share these videos on your website and social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

2) Informative blog posts

Blog content is another option you could consider if you want to build a good online reputation for your health and fitness studio. Your health-conscious clients are curious to learn about great gym workout tips to stay fit or eat healthily. So, you can tap on their interest for informative content on fitness with your expertise on the topic.

This will make your clients trust you and will make your blog a ‘go-to place’ for fitness enthusiasts. You can gain a good response by posting these blogs on your social profiles. If your followers start liking or sharing your blog posts, it will help you increase your social reach as more and more people will read your blog. This could also enhance the prospect of getting new clients for your fitness studio.

3)  ‌Interactive posts on social media

If you don’t have much time for creating fresh content, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot post anything new on social media. You can start posting interactive posts to encourage participation from your followers. Be it a fun contest, a health and fitness quiz or an open question, you have many choices to pick from.

With such posts, you can keep your social activity alive and also connect with your social media users through comments. Try posting them with a hashtag with the name of your fitness studio or popular fitness-related keywords (eg: #fitnesstracker) along with your post to make them more engaging.

For example:

Cardio or strength training? What’s your favorite? #Fitness

4) Share content from others

This is yet another option if you’re not in a position to create fresh content. The internet is full of health-related content that covers a variety of topics, starting from what to eat to how you should be working out. You can search for such content on popular health or fitness sites and start sharing them on your social media profiles.

Word of caution: Don’t share content created by your competitors. You would be promoting their business and your readers won’t perceive you in good light.

5) Use filler posts

While it’s important to post relevant content on your social media page, sometimes you can go for a filler post that could be on any trending topic of the moment or any type of content that can be related to fitness. Connect with your audience by posting about a hot topic on social media and try to relate it to your service. This could be range from politics to movies. You can use witty posts with pictures, memes or gif images and link it with your fitness service.

For example: How to get a body like THOR? Chris Hemsworth opted for high-protein foods and non-processed carbs like fruits to help rebuild muscle by slowing muscle protein breakdown. #THOR #Avengers

6) Introduce your employees or team

You can add a personalized touch to your social media posts by sharing content around your trainers and fitness experts. Highlight their specialties and experience with pictures or videos of gym workout sessions featuring them.

Your potential clients might feel very motivated when they get to learn about your qualified training professionals. Remember that you tag your employees on those posts so that their friends or followers also get to see your posts and learn about your health and fitness studio.

7) Publicize your services

Does your fitness studio offers a variety of facilities like a gym workout, Zumba, kickboxing, yoga, strength training, etc.? You can create social media posts that specifically focus on each service. You can also share information about your weekly schedule with timings and mention your phone number. If you’ve introduced a new health food cafe inside your studio, let your audience learn about it through a social media post.

8) Leverage influencer marketing

Social media influencers can help you in promoting your fitness studio to a large set of audiences. Influencers are those people who have a huge number of followers or subscribers on social media and have the ability to influence the opinions of their audience network.

You can associate with them to spread the word about your fitness studio by featuring influencers on your posts or alternatively, getting your fitness studio featured on their posts. You can request them to share information about your fitness services, links to your website or social profiles and share your social media posts or updates. This gives you greater visibility online.

To have a detailed understanding of how you can use influencer marketing, you can read Birdeye’s blog on  5 ways how ‘Influencer Marketing’ helps your business.

9) Highlight your other social profiles

If you have several followers on Facebook but not many on your Twitter or Instagram, you can let your Facebook audience learn about your Twitter handle and Instagram account. People who enjoy your posts on Facebook might want to follow you on Twitter and Instagram. This is a smart way to request people to follow your social accounts and increase your social presence.

10) Ask for a review

Online reviews are very important for wellness businesses like you. Getting more reviews will help your fitness studio gain more visibility and may also get you new business leads. You can request your followers on social media to write down an online review for your business. For example, use Facebook posts to ask your followers to write you a review on your website or other online review sites.

11) Paid promotion on social media

Social media gives you a great opportunity to increase the impact of your posts if you plan to spend on paid marketing activities. Are you posting something that’s very important for your fitness studio on Facebook? You can boost this post by spending some money and ensure that a lot of Facebook users get to see those posts.

Facebook has a very simple process for paid marketing activities. By following some simple steps, you can easily promote your posts on Facebook. How much you pay depends on how many Facebook users you want to target,  how much you want to spend, what kind of user demographics you want to target, etc. While Twitter lets you promote your tweets, Facebook promotions are more popular. Facebook has more users and its user targeting brings in better results than Twitter. You can also run advertisements on Twitter, Facebook, and Google to promote your content and enhance your online reputation.

All it takes is great pieces of content on your social media profile. With this, your fitness studio can attract many valuable clients.

How Birdeye can help?

As a robust online reputation management and customer experience solution, Birdeye has social media engagement features to help your business. You can make use of Birdeye’s social listening, and social engagement features to track all your user-generated content online under a single dashboard. Start creating a successful online reputation with Birdeye.