8 strategies for lawyers to communicate with clients remotely

Satya Kandala

4 min read Last Updated May 26, 2021

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Legal proceedings are confusing on a normal day. With a lot more uncertainty in the air now, chances are that your clients have more questions than ever before. This is why lawyers communicating during COVID-19 need to use effective channels and strategies of communication. Lawyers everywhere need to step up their communication strategies to ensure that all clients’ questions are answered through client-preferred channels and on time.

Suddenly plunged into this work from home situation, lawyers and legal firms everywhere have been trying to get up to speed on how to be helpful and productive while working remotely. Need more information? Learning from industry best practices is a good place to start.

Here is how our legal clients are using Birdeye technology to communicate with clients and provide exceptional client service during the pandemic:

Use text messages to keep in touch with clients

If your clients are already stressed, not being able to get in touch with you will only make things worse. If there was ever a time to over-communicate, it is now. This is especially true for criminal and immigration lawyers who need to continue to meet their clients and work on proceedings. You’ll also have a better chance of reaching your clients with text messages since texts have a 98% open rate. Here is how one of our Immigration law firm clients is using text messages to communicate:

text messages

Use Webchat to get new clients

A lot of people are using this break from routine to get their things in order. This might look like updating their will or work on their estate planning. By being available to clients on Webchat, lawyers can get new clients and help more people. Here is how one of Birdeye’s real estate and estate planning client is using Webchat to get new clients:


Use chat to foster better relationships

With so many changes to work routines, talks about layoffs and a recession, new or existing clients will have lots of questions. By communicating well and being there for the client, you are creating a strong relationship. This also promotes loyalty. Here is how a workplace discrimination lawyer is using Webchat to answer their clients’ questions:

chat for greater relationships

Make your landline textable and help more clients

With work from home policies and limited resources, most office landlines are not being answered regularly. By making your landline textable, you can ensure that you don’t lose out on clients. Here is how family law attorneys are texting from their office landline to answer queries that would’ve typically been phone calls:

textable landline

Update your information on listings

Most legal firms and boutique lawyers have changed their work timings in the past couple of weeks. Make sure that your existing and potential clients are aware of this. Update your listings, including business hours and contact information, on general sites such as Google My Business, in addition to industry-specific sites such as lawyers.com. 

Use text messages to send reminders

Chances are that everyone’s calendar has been turned upside down. Most law firms make appointments weeks in advance, which can be very stressful to deal with right now. Lawyers communicating during COVID-19 can use text to confirm and reschedule appointments. Check out how a personal injury lawyer client of Birdeye is reaching out via text to confirm and reschedule an appointment:

reminder text

Use surveys for insights

Prepare yourself for emergence from the crisis with insights and understanding. Law firms can use this time to send out surveys that help understand what is working for clients and what needs to change. You now also have time to digest and learn from the survey insights. By learning from past client experiences, you can emerge from this crisis stronger than before. 

Send special announcements

Think of these emails as promotional emails but with an informational twist. Lawyers are using Birdeye to send out emails to keep clients updated. These emails help maintain transparency and also help establish the right expectations. Here is an example:

How can Birdeye help lawyers communicating during COVID-19

In these uncertain times, it is important for lawyers to stay in communication with their clients to demonstrate exceptional client experience and strong business ethics. To help you stay connected with your patients, Birdeye offers several communication toolsBusiness Listings, Webchat, Inbox, landline texting and announcements.

Want to know more about how Birdeye can help you get discovered and get connected with clients? Watch a demo today.