Positive customer reviews: 5 smart tips to double their impact

positive customer reviews - how to double their impact
Written by Neelanjana Barua

Getting positive customer reviews definitely indicates that your business is performing well and is heading in the right direction.

But it’s not easy to get more reviews from happy customers, even if you have provided quality services to them. Positive reviews don’t come that easily! In fact, your business is more likely to receive a negative review from an unhappy customer rather than score a positive review from a happy customer.

The logic is simple – when customers are happy about their experience with your service, they end up feeling satisfied and move on with their lives. But, when your customers are not happy with your service, they don’t usually forget the experience. This makes them voice their opinion on social media and online review sites.

So, when you get a positive review, you need to make the most out of it. One positive review can be used to get more reviews.

Here are five smart ideas for you to create maximum impact with your positive customer reviews:

  • Promote them on social media
  • Feature them on your blog
  • Give them a noticeable spot on your website
  • Promote them on your email campaigns
  • Thank your online reviewers

1) Promote them on social media

When your business gets a positive review, share the news with others. You can create a story around the positive review and post it on your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, etc. This will act as a testimonial for your business and also help you spread the word about how well your business is doing. So, when your current customers read about these positive reviews, they will feel reassured about making the right decision by picking your business.

On top of that, when your social media followers start liking or sharing such posts from you, your posts will reach out to a larger audience as they will be read by other people on social media, who may not be following you directly. These people might end up being impressed with the positive customer reviews about your business and could turn into prospective business leads.

Tip: You can pin the positive customer reviews on Facebook and Twitter so that people who visit you there can see the reviews first.

2) Feature them on your blog

You can spin a great story around how your business is achieving greater success and winning the trust of your customers. Try to write down a meaningful blog post that covers your positive reviews and highlights how you managed to add value to your customer’s experience with your business. This will help you convey a message that customer happiness is your number one priority and you don’t mind going that extra mile to be able to serve them better. You can personalize your blog post by adding photos of your hard-working team and the customers who wrote you the positive reviews.

Say, you are a beauty salon business, who helped dress up a bride for her special day and made her feel happy with the experience.  Then you might want to include candid pictures of the dressing up session including the hair, make-up, your team members who were helping the bride and a final picture of her walking down the aisle looking like a Goddess!

With a personalized story, you can highlight your services and how you believe in delighting your customers. This will help you build a good online reputation for your business and make people trust your business.

3) Give them a noticeable spot on your website

Nowadays, customers make sure that they visit a company’s website before deciding to book a service with them. Your website is a very important touchpoint for your customers. If you have an interactive and impactful website with all the updated details of your contact number, email, list of services, and good reviews from your customers, you can definitely impress your potential customers.

Make sure that you feature your positive customer reviews at a prominent spot on your website. This spot could be ideally somewhere on your homepage, which is the most significant page of your website. You don’t want to put them somewhere at the bottom or footer of your website.

When your potential customers read positive reviews about your business on your website, it will make them trust your services and influence them to book your services.

4) Promote them on your email campaigns

Marketing a positive customer review is a great way to spread awareness about your business. You can use your positive customer reviews as an opportunity to run a mailer campaign for your business. Make a contact list that contains the email addresses of all your customers or business leads and then, send them a common email that highlights your positive reviews. You can also run an email campaign for the blog-post, which you had written about the positive review along with an attractive image.

Also, make a subtle mention of your upcoming offers or packages and use a ‘call-to-action’ (CTA) button that takes your reader to your website or booking page once they click on it. Lastly, choose a meaningful and crisp subject-line for the email and just go ahead and send it.

Here’s a small example for you:

Subject line:  Eva’s Beauty Salon | We gave this bride her dream wedding look

positive customer reviews - mailer example

positive customer reviews - send out emails to your customers (1)

Note: Make sure that you use appropriate CTAs (call-to-action buttons) to direct your readers to your blog post and also, highlight your latest offers at the end of the email.

5) Thank your online reviewers

This should actually be your first priority whenever your business gets a positive customer review online. After all, your reviewer is the real star here as their words of appreciation can help you get more customers for your business. Respond to these reviews with a polite and thoughtful answer from your side, mention their names on your social posts to thank them, write them an email or call them up to let your customers know that you genuinely value their support. This can help you establish a long-term relationship with your customers and they might even recommend your business to their friends and family.

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