Top 4 creative real estate marketing ideas

Frederik Hermann

4 min read Last Updated Feb 25, 2020

When you are selling a property, you, of course, want to make it stand out in front of prospective buyers. After you find clients as a real estate agent, you want to sell the property quickly and at a right price. To do this you must think of out-of-the-box creative real estate marketing ideas, such as:

  • Offer a floor plan
  • Give a video tour of the property
  • Provide utility bills
  • Share the list of service providers

Now let’s understand the benefits of these real estate marketing ideas in detail:

1) Offer a floor plan

Give home buyers a clear picture of the property by creating a professional looking floor plan. Make the floor plan of the property available online and on paper for display. It offers prospective clients an extra reference to the property.

To make a floor plan, Realtors can take the help of floor plan creating tools that are readily available online. Prospective home buyers see multiple properties in a day, and it’s difficult for them to remember all the floor plans. A readily available floor plan, online or on paper, gives them clarity in deciding the property of their choice.  Another advantage of the floor plan is that it may also help the buyer decide the placement of furniture.

2) Give a video tour of the property

Video tours of the property have seen a massive jump recently. For Realtors, it is the chance to showcase the property through the medium of a video to the prospective buyers, who also get more traction and queries by making this video available online. Through its easy accessibility, it gives clients the convenience of a quick glance at what the property has to offer. Fact is, a video is much more informative than text and pictures. Also, before applying this marketing idea, Realtors should take the permission of the property owner for it. After the go-ahead, take the help of someone you know who has good experience in filming video tours. If the property video is optimized properly, it might show up in Google search results. This exercise will enhance the online visibility of the property.

3)  Provide utility bills

Offering prospective buyers utility bills of the property is one real estate marketing plan which not many have given a thought to. Some of the home buyers are always keen to know about the realistic assessment of the utility costs of the property. As a real estate agent, by making utility bills readily available, you can help the prospective clients to make their decision quickly. If the property you are selling has low energy costs, you can include this in your “top selling points of the property” list. Prospective buyers usually go for the property that has the low energy costs. It is one of the most underestimated real estate marketing ideas that have a very high potential.

4) Share the list of service providers

Home buyers love convenience. The property they are going to buy should have all the basic amenities, and it should be comfortable to live in. As a Realtor, you should compile a list of all the service providers that are located near the property. Also, if you have any tried and trusted recommendations of landscapers, house cleaners, heating company, driveway plowing service, etc., pass this information to the prospective home buyers.

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