A positive review can substantially enhance your restaurant chain’s online presence and notably increase foot traffic. However, garnering such reviews is no small feat. Encouraging customers to leave feedback that highlights all the desirable aspects can be a daunting task. You can overcome this challenge by having a few well-crafted restaurant review examples handy. 

This blog post, containing a few sample reviews for a restaurant, can serve as your beacon of hope in getting the best reviews. Use these examples as templates to inspire your diners and to help your team spot the best reviews to promote your business.

Let’s dive in. 

Best restaurant review examples for inspiration 

A recent Birdeye study found that 73% of consumers look for local restaurants, the highest across all industries. The study also revealed that customers read around two to five reviews before forming an opinion about any business. 

The hospitality industry also leads in Google search views. To transform these views into actual guest visits, enhancing your online review strategy is crucial. 

The following section contains good restaurant review examples to help businesses understand what to aim for and assist customers to easily express their opinions on their favorite restaurants. 

Images shows how restaurants can use the review marketing feature from Birdeye

But before we get there, let us clarify the basic definition of a good restaurant review. 

How do you write a good restaurant review? 

The best restaurant reviews:

  • Provide accurate and actionable feedback for the business 
  • Help other potential guests/diners choose the suitable establishment for their needs
  • Include helpful information on food, service, ambiance, and other pertinent details
  • Have images and videos to substantiate their reviews and ratings

Now, let’s look at some of the restaurant review samples for food, service, ambiance, overall guest experience, personalized service, and food trends/dietary requirements. 

Good restaurant review examples for great food 

Images shows restaurants review examples for good food
  1. “The food here is absolutely delicious! Every dish we tried was bursting with flavor and cooked to perfection. Highly recommend the [insert dish name] and [insert dish name].”
  2. “Hands down, some of the best food I’ve had recently! They use the freshest ingredients and make sure each dish is done the right way. The [insert food item] was especially memorable. Must try!” 
  3. “I’m still dreaming about my meal at [Insert restaurant name]! Each bite was a delight, and the presentation just blew us away. Don’t miss out on trying their [signature dish].”
  4. “From appetizers to desserts, this restaurant exceeded all our expectations! Our family especially enjoyed the appetizers, the variety of desserts, and the hand-churned ice cream! The [dessert name] was a crowd-pleaser! Highly recommended!” 
  5. “If you’re a foodie like me, you’ll love this place! The menu has a fantastic selection of dishes, and we loved everything we tried. We only had good comments about the food. I can’t wait to come back again!”
  6. “The menu offers a wide variety of options, and everything we tried was delicious. I especially loved the creative twists on classic dishes.”

Good restaurant review examples for excellent service 

Images shows restaurants review examples for excellent service
  1. “The service at [insert restaurant name] is top-notch! The staff is friendly, attentive, and goes above and beyond to ensure a memorable dining experience. Kudos to the entire team!”
  2. “I was blown away by the service at [insert restaurant name]. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable about the menu and offered excellent recommendations. Truly great service!”
  3. “The service here is excellent. Our server was attentive without being intrusive. The entire staff worked seamlessly together to create a seamless dining experience. We never had to ask anything twice!” 
  4. “I can’t say enough good things about the service at this restaurant. The staff is incredibly accommodating for minor changes and goes the extra mile to ensure guests are happy. Bravo!”
  5. “The staff here truly cares about their guests. They were attentive, courteous, and polite. They made us feel like VIPs.”
  6. “The service was impeccable from start to finish. Our server was gracious and accommodating, ensuring every aspect of our dining experience was perfect. We would come back just for the service.”

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Good restaurant review examples for great ambiance

Images shows restaurants review examples for ambiance
  1. “The ambiance of this restaurant is simply fantastic! The cozy atmosphere, soft lighting, and elegant decor create the perfect setting for any special occasion.”
  2. “The ambiance of this restaurant is second to none. Whether dining indoors or al fresco, you will be surrounded by beauty and charm. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a meal in style. Fine dining, truly!”
  3. “This restaurant strikes the perfect balance between chic and cozy. The ambiance is trendy yet comfortable, making it ideal for intimate dinners and lively gatherings.”
  4. “The ambiance of this restaurant is so dreamy and cozy. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a romantic dinner.”
  5. “I love the vibe of this place! It strikes the perfect balance between elegant and relaxed, making it ideal for any occasion.”
  6. “Whether you’re dining indoors or out on the patio, the ambiance of this restaurant is always delightful. The ambiance adds value to the overall dining experience. [Restaurant name] is a true hidden gem.”
  7. “This restaurant has such a vibrant atmosphere. The energy is contagious and always puts me in a great mood.”
  8. “The ambiance is just so Instagram-worthy. Each picture you take here would look stunning on social media, from the food images to the overall setting. Overall, great job, and the place is a must-visit.” 

Good restaurant review examples for overall experience

Images shows restaurants review examples for overall experience
  1. “Overall, dining at this restaurant was a delight from start to finish. The delicious food, impeccable service, and charming ambiance made for a memorable experience.”
  2. “My experience at this restaurant was nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I arrived until I left, I felt welcomed and pampered by the food and the service. I highly recommend it!”
  3. “From the moment we walked in, we knew we were in for a treat. The entire experience was wonderful, from the delicious food to the attentive service to the charming ambiance.”
  4. “We really loved dining at [insert restaurant name]. From the moment we arrived until we left, everything was very well handled. I appreciate the team for putting together such a good experience. I’m already looking forward to my next visit.”
  5. “I’ve been to many similar restaurants, but this one truly stands out. The attention to detail and commitment to guest service set it apart from the rest.”
  6. “This restaurant exceeded all my expectations. You do not often find a place where every element comes together so perfectly. I’ll be recommending it to all my friends and family.”

Good restaurant review examples with personalized staff mentions 

Images shows restaurants review examples that use personalized staff names and mentions
  1. “I want to give a special shoutout to [waiter’s name] for making our dining experience truly memorable. Their attentiveness and friendly demeanor enhanced our meal and made us feel valued guests.”
  2. “A big thank you to [waiter’s name] for providing outstanding service throughout our meal. Their menu knowledge and attention to detail made for a seamless dining experience.”
  3. “I can’t say enough good things about the service we received from [waiter’s name]. Their professionalism and warmth added a personal touch to our evening, and we left feeling thoroughly satisfied.”
  4. “I want to thank [waiter’s name] for going above and beyond to ensure that our dining experience was perfect. Their genuine hospitality and impeccable service made all the difference.”
  5. “Our server, [Waiter’s Name], was an absolute gem. They knew the menu, offered great recommendations, and cared about guest feedback. We’ll be asking for the next time we visit.”
  6. “I can’t thank [Waiter’s Name] enough for their fantastic service. They went out of their way to accommodate our requests and made us feel like VIPs. We’ll be back, thanks to them!”
Images shows restaurants review examples for food trends and dietary requirements
  1. “As someone with severe nut allergies, dining out can be challenging, but this restaurant was incredibly accommodating. They took my allergy requirements seriously and went above and beyond to ensure I had a safe and delicious meal.”
  2. “I recently went vegan and always look for restaurants with tasty plant-based options. This place exceeded my expectations with its creative and flavorful vegan dishes. I’ll be back!”
  3. “As a gluten-free diner, I’m used to having limited choices at restaurants, but this place had a fantastic selection of gluten-free options. It’s refreshing to find a restaurant that takes dietary requirements seriously.”
  4. “I was pleasantly surprised by this restaurant’s variety of vegan options. From appetizers to entrees, there was something for every palate. It’s great to see a restaurant catering to plant-based eaters.”
  5. “Finding restaurants that offer gluten-free options without sacrificing flavor can be challenging, but this restaurant nailed it. Their gluten-free dishes were just as tasty as their regular menu items.”
  6. “I appreciate how seriously this restaurant takes food allergies. As someone with a nut allergy, I felt completely safe dining here. Plus, their gluten-free and vegan options were a pleasant surprise. Highly recommend for anyone with dietary restrictions!”

Get great restaurant reviews to supercharge your business reputation 

Your customers know you’re good and they come back often to show their appreciation. But if you want to truly expand and scale your restaurant business, it is important to turn that goodwill into restaurant reviews across major forums. 

Inspire your customers to leave amazing reviews for your establishment with consistent requests, on-ground staff training, and effective review management. Show them you care about their online reviews by spotting great reviews and reposting them on social media too.

Frequently asked questions on restaurant review examples 

How do I leave a Google review for a restaurant? 

You can leave a Google review for a restaurant by running a Google search for the restaurant, choosing the correct listing, and clicking on “Write a review.” Alternatively, you can also click the link the restaurant sends you and write a Google review. 

How would you describe the ambiance of a restaurant? 

You can describe the ambiance of a restaurant as cozy, warm, romantic, inviting, luxurious, well-lit, spacious, and quiet/noisy. 

What are good food review words? 

Some good food review words in restaurant comment cards or a restaurant review sample are delicious, aromatic, yummy, flavorful, appetizing, mouth-watering, luscious, tender, and scrumptious. 

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