7 Ways Attorneys Can Use Social Media Customer Service- The Right Way!

Why do you need attorney social media customer service? Delivering a fantastic solution well complemented by spectacular social media customer service is every company’s ultimate aim. Through this seamless transmission of solution and service, they intend to create a loyal customer base. This customer pool can then become a company’s promoter in the long run. These loyal customers will share their views on the product or customer service online on social and review sites. This will massively influence your existing and potential clientele.

But the truth is that not every customer is the same. Every customer will have a different experience with the entire process.  In the legal industry, you cannot escape the ‘negative word of mouth’, no matter what you do. You know, those customers who are expressing their complaints on social media.

How you handle your customers online separates you from the rest. Here are 7 tips that can help you cater to your customers with social media customer service:

Set up alerts

To gain an impactful head-start, you should be notified that a client has posted something about your service on social media channels. Only will then you’ll be able to take meaningful action. You should set up Google alerts.

Keep a close eye on Facebook pages and regularly check Twitter feed as a part of social media customer service. If you have listed yourself on sites such as Avvo, Superlawyer, etc., check them consistently to keep yourself updated. The conversations, positive or negative, are happening, if you are a proactive and great listener, it’ll become easier for you to spot the negative sentiment and take appropriate action. Review monitoring can play a major role in setting up a great social media customer service.

Determine if it’s worth responding

It’s true that not all negative comments are worth a response and not all critics are worth trying to win over. You should figure out whether the criticism reflected on social media or review sites is coming from an authentic client.

For example, if you respond to a review that is a blatant attack on you and that’s clearly rude and outrageous and is written by someone who has never been your client, call them out. Lay out your case in a strong but polite review response.

Respond instantly

Time is not on your side when you face flak on social media or review sites. The longer you take to respond, the more impatient and irritated the client becomes. This gives your client an opportunity to write more about the ‘continuing negative experience’. Situations like these are dangerous and can be significantly leveraged by your competitors to attract your clients.

The moment you are notified of any “bad review”, immediately start the conversation. As part of social media client service that you aim to provide to your client, you can opt for an impactful feature of social ticketing.  If you are able to attend or assign your team to attend to those bad reviews, you have a chance to take control of the situation.

Don’t be a machine

Clients hate it when you try to be a robot. You are further adding on to their grievance by responding to them with a canned corporate response. If you instantly become defensive and start sharing excerpts of your company in response to the stated problem, you’ll find your clients instantly leaving you for your competition. The legal matters are an emotional ride and the client needs your support even after the case is resolved.

Show empathy, communicate in a friendly tone. Dropping in comments, a statement such as “Hi this is Joane, I am here to help you”, can instill the trust before your client loses it.

Turn it around for your client

Apologizing is part of tackling negative word of mouth, but to fix a problem is how you win over critics. If at the end of the day you are able to resolve the issue that your client is facing you have performed your task to perfection. After all, it is about finding solutions to all the problems.

Never act irresponsibly

Since you have taken upon yourself to resolve your client grievances, you are surrounded by negative comments that you are trying to cut down one by one. There might be a time where you might lose your patience and respond to your client in a way that you were never meant to.  


  • Not to take it personally
  • Treat the complaint just as another problem for which finding a solution must be your aim
  • This problem of yours is finally out in the open and gives you a golden opportunity to turn the situation on the head and build a strong social media customer service name.

Ensure the conversation is in public

As soon as you come across a negative review or a comment posted against you, your first reaction is to take it offline before any other prospective or existing client reads it.  However, this isn’t always the right approach. You don’t want the world to look at you as a problem solver.

But when you do it online, in public, you earn word-of-mouth appreciation. For the same effort and cost, thousands more people see that you care about client. Nobody will ever have access to your sincere apology that you plan to send it out in the open. Similarly, if you resolve the issue and the client praises you “in person on an email”, nobody will know. So be sure to leave a public response before you take the conversation private.

Making a customer connect is key to customer attrition. Assuring them of 100% complaint resolution instills trust. Simultaneously, providing them that level of service can make them attach to your brand for a long time. The anger that disgruntled customers vent out can be curbed by using smart social media tools. BirdEye is a powerful solution that helps you manage your social media image and brand reputation. A strong brand reputation will only attract new customers.

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