Survey questions examples – 7 things every customer survey needs

Frederik Hermann

4 min read Last Updated May 22, 2020

One of the most important assets that an organization can capitalize on is customer satisfaction. If you are unable to satisfy your customers, everything else you do to grow your business is in vain. To find out how happy your customers are, you need to get your customers to express their honest opinions. An effective way to do this is by analyzing important survey questions examples and carefully planning a survey.

Survey questions examples

Let’s take a look at some important questions that can help you get the meaningful information you want.

Question 1: What’s one thing you love about our company?

It’s imperative to understand what your customers love about your company so you can get to know their preferences and build upon your strengths. Is it your awesome customer service or your amazing collection of products or your low prices?

Question 2: What is the primary reason you chose us over competitors?

Discovering a product or services “differentiator” is the kind of competitive intelligence that pays huge dividends. You may already have some thoughts on this, but set those aside for now and let your customers tell you why you are different.

Question 3: How does our service or product solve your problem?

Knowing this gives you an idea as to which of your services helps you thrive in a competitive market. Your customers’ responses will give you clear insight into how your products or services are being received by consumers. Survey questions examples would look something like this:

Survey questions examples

There might be a clear case where your messaging regarding the product offering is not correctly received by the end customer. This question can help clear the air in that aspect too.

Question 4: How did you hear about us?

You stretch your budgets to exploit all possible channels in order to get new visitors and then convert them to customers. It is important to learn how your customer learned about you and to identify those channels that bring not just the most traffic, but the traffic makes a purchase.

This will later help you invest your marketing budget in the best channels and get the most benefit from your spend.

Question 5: How likely are you to recommend our product or service?

This question is the foundation of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system that gauges the loyalty of a company’s customers. Data scientists have determined a strong connection between Net Promoter Score and revenue growth. You may want to ask this question once per quarter, post purchase. A true NPS uses a 10-point system, but you could simplify yours if you want.

After getting a response, consider having your customer support team follow up with any customers giving you a low score and see if you can turn those detractors into promoters.

Question 6: How would you search for our business on Google?

Identify new keywords and concepts that lead to customer acquisition. If you want future customers to find your business online, you need to know everything you can about the keywords and phrases that your customers use when looking for companies like yours. This is one of the most important aspects of your inbound efforts. Identify common keywords used by your most profitable customers. Combine these inputs with the NPS to customize your inbound SEO strategy and gain an advantage over your competitors.

Question 7: Survey questions examples – Do you have suggestions?

It’s better to be proactive rather than reactive. Take the first step by asking customers to express themselves. This can help you find gaps in your offerings and discover potential advocates.

At the same time, it lets your customers know that you care about their experience and appreciate their ideas on how to make improvements.

Once you have these questions on your survey sheet you are bound to get information that will help you improve your business. BirdEye makes building powerful surveys easy — learn more about BirdEye’s intelligent survey designer.

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