Tips for Dentists: Getting the Competitive Edge Online

Whether you’re looking for new patients or showing existing patients that you’re better than the competition–the opportunities for winning these ongoing battles take place online. The internet presents a multitude of opportunities to make a mark for your practice, and here are five tip for dentists to set you apart from the competition.

Build a credible online presence.

First things first, your prospective patients will only be able to search for your practice if it’s listed on all websites that they search. Make sure that all websites that list your practice display accurate business information. With BirdEye, you can manage your online presence easily by checking your practice’s online listings, marking inconsistencies and making changes on more than 50 websites.

Start building your online reputation.

After listing your dental practice on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Google My Business, and more, the next step is to think about building your online reputation. As your prospective patients have different practices to choose from, they’re likely to choose a practice that has a solid online reputation. They read reviews from your existing patients to understand the quality of dental services you offer.

To win your prospective patients, you have to encourage your existing patients to share their experience on public platforms. The more reviews you get from your patients, the more convincing your practice’s listing will appear to your targeted audience, giving you the much-needed edge over your competition.

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Keep an eye on your competition.

tips for dentists - keep an eye on competition

To get more patients, you have to keep a close watch on your competition, their patients, their social media presence, as well as areas where they are doing better than you and areas where you win. With our social media competitor analysis, you’ll be in a better position to offer better services, make changes to your existing services, and promote the services where you clearly win over your competition.

Share engaging content.

Your potential patients, especially your social media followers, expect you to share relevant and engaging content. Sharing articles such as tips on dental hygiene, symptoms of common dental problems, and things to consider while visiting a dentist goes a long way in winning trust. You may even consider adding a blog page to your website. This will help you get additional website traffic and establish yourself as a subject matter expert. This can also give your dental website the much-needed search engine optimization (SEO) boost to rank high in Google search.

Get active on social media.

tips for dentists - get active on social media

As your targeted audience is on social media, it makes a lot of sense for you to actively promote your dental services on social media. You can get new social media followers by creating a page for your practice on Facebook. You can also share engaging content from your blog. These followers may even share their concerns with you, giving you an opportunity to build a sound social relationship with them. These connected followers will likely choose you over your competition whenever they’re in need of a dentist.

Let’s take a second to summarize our tips for dentists: there’s no denying that by maintaining a solid online presence, building a great online reputation and connecting with your audience on social media can help you get an edge over your competition and win more patients. BirdEye’s all-in-one platform can make it easy.  Collect reviews, boost your SEO, and get more patients- easily and effectively. 

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