Tips to Get More Facebook Followers for Your Business

Dhiraj Nallapaneni

3 min read Last Updated Jan 23, 2020

get more facebook followers

You create a Facebook page for your business hoping to get more customers. Although a lot of businesses get new customers from social media, the fact is that you need a decent base of Facebook followers to be able to do so.

Getting your prospects to follow your new Facebook page isn’t easy. After all, Facebook users can only follow a maximum of 500 pages, and they are selective with their choice. Here are five tips that will help you get more Facebook followers and new customers:

Post engaging content

get more facebook followers - post engaging content

Customers and prospects follow your Facebook page to read engaging content. They expect you to be an authority in your industry and value your opinions. They will also not shy away from sharing informative content that you post if it resonates with them. Thus, the key here is not just to promote your services and products, but also post informative content that excited your followers.

Just promoting your services on Facebook will push your followers away and won’t earn you new ones. Informative content, on the other hand, will keep your social audience engaged and get you new followers.

Convert post likers into followers

After you start posting informative and engaging content on Facebook, the next step is to track engagement on these posts. Just by checking the people who’re liking your posts, you get an option to invite them to follow your page. This can give you a quick win, since people who like your posts may also be interested in reading your subsequent posts and be open to following you.

Share your positive reviews

Customers today trust online reviews just as much as recommendations made by family and friends. You can make the most of this trust that people have in online reviews by sharing your positive reviews on Facebook. This will help you spread your positive reputation to a broader audience and will get you new followers and new customers.

Embed Facebook Page Plugin on your website

Chances are that your prospective customers are searching for your business and visiting your website. A good way to encourage these website visitors to follow you on Facebook is to add the Facebook Page Plugin to your site. The Page Plugin is customizable to suit your website and visitors. Embedding your page on your website will make it easy for your website visitors to follow you on Facebook and share your content.

Email existing customers

get more facebook followers - email customers

Apart from prospective customers who search for your business on Facebook or Google, you already have a set of existing customers who may not be following you on Facebook. Send an email to these customers and invite them to follow your Facebook page. But, make sure you don’t spam your customers with too many emails.

The Birdeye advantage

Birdeye helps you get more reviews from your customers and lets you share them on your website and social media. With Birdeye, you can easily update your Facebook page by creating a content calendar that enables you to schedule your posts even months in advance.

By regularly posting fresh content on Facebook, seeking more reviews and sharing them, you can get more Facebook followers who can then become your customers for life.

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