10 reasons to build an effective user-generated content strategy

Having your customers say good things about your business online is always great news. User-generated content (UGC) such as online reviews, social media posts, YouTube videos, comments on your blog posts or any post by a customer about your business can help you scale up the online reputation of your business. In fact, the overall impact of user-generated content marketing on your business can be more than you can imagine.

Take a look at these 10 advantages of building an effective user-generated content strategy.

  • The best form of publicity you can ask for
  • Comes for free
  • Builds business credibility
  • Helps you innovate
  • Improves your customer experience
  • Makes you understand your customers
  • Increases your social media presence and engagement
  • Gives more prominence on Google
  • Facilitates community creation
  • Generates more business leads

1) The best form of publicity you can ask for

user-generated content - best publicity

When your customers start praising your brand or business online, it’s the best thing you can ask for. This comes across as a clear sign that you have succeeded in establishing a good relationship with your customers and they are happy with your services. Getting a positive online review from a customer will put your business in good light and also increases its overall awareness.

2) Comes for free

The best part about user-generated content is that you don’t have to incur any additional cost for it. Since your customers are creating the content, it means less efforts from you but more benefits for your business. This is a great option to create some fresh content for small and growing businesses that do not have the budget or resources for high-level marketing activities. Of course, you will have to do the groundwork by looking out for opportunities through which your customers would be willing to create content for your business.

3)  Builds business credibility

benefits of blog

Nowadays, customers don’t believe in fancy advertisements. They find them too good to be true as they’re aware that advertisements will only highlight the best things about your brand or business. That’s why customers turn towards reading what other users have to say about your business.

“The Nielsen Consumer Trust Index says that 92% of consumers trust organic, user-generated content more than they trust traditional advertising.”

Your prospective customers are more likely to trust the opinion of your customers as they’ve had the first-hand experience of availing your services. That’s why user-generated content appears more real and they can directly influence the buying decisions of your future customers.

But there are some brands and businesses that have started exploiting this power of user-generated content marketing by paying users for writing fake reviews about them. Customers are also aware of these malpractices, which break down the credibility of user-generated content and the business in question. So make sure that you maintain an authentic stand while planning on generating more user-generated content for your business.

4) Helps you innovate

Reputation Management

You can pick a lot of useful insights from what your customers are saying about you. Sometimes, customers help you open up your eyes to new business opportunities, which you may have never thought about earlier. With user-generated content, you can find the inspiration to think outside the box and introduce new services that add greater value to your business. For example, your customers might write about certain new services that they would like your salon business to offer. From such reviews, you might get a new idea about what your customers want and how likely are the chances of you meeting those demands while making more profit.

5) Improves your customer experience

video testimonials - Start with a context

User-generated content is valuable because it contains important feedback from your current customers. Your customers might leave behind good or bad feedback depending on their experience with your services. If there is positive feedback, you get to know where you are winning. With negative feedback, you can learn about those aspects where you need to improve. These are clear signals for your business.

6) Makes you understand your customers

resolving customer complaints

User-generated content is a great way to learn about how customers feel about your business. By analyzing your online reviews, you can get a good idea about whether your customers are happy, unhappy or neutral towards your business. You also get to know what your customers expect from you based on their complaints. When you’re able to understand your customers’ expectations, you can make them happy by delivering accordingly.

7) Increases your social media presence and engagement

Monitoring competitor activity - Know the benefits

When customers start writing about you on social media, it increases the visibility and reach of your business. Their posts are read by their friends and followers, who do not directly follow you on social media. Every new like, share or comment on user-generated content about your business, increases your business popularity and engagement on social media.

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8) Gives more prominence on Google

Local search engine optimization - improve search rankings

If you start receiving a huge number of online reviews, comments, mentions or free listings for your business, it can really help your business show up more frequently on Google. This makes your business more discoverable to your potential customers, who might be searching for services like yours on Google. This could lead to more customers visiting your website to gather more information about your business.

9) Facilitates community creation

user-generated content - building community

User-generated content became even more relevant and important after the popularity of online portals and communities. These are places on the internet where well-informed users are able to help others by answering their queries about a business or product.

You can explore this opportunity by creating a separate section or page on your website, where your customers are able to chat with each other or post questions before they book a service with you. Your customers can mutually discuss and resolve some simpler issues on their own without having the need to constantly call your customer service for simple problems. This will also reduce your service costs, save your time and provide a good customer experience at the same time.

If you are not in a position to make such new additions to your website, you can still leverage popular online forums or communities relevant to your business and encourage user conversations there.

10) Generates more business leads

When user-generated content helps you increase the online visibility and social engagement of your business, it also attracts the attention of potential customers who might be interested in what your business has to offer. This can start getting you more business leads and convert into sales.

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