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Home Instead Australia is a globally-admired network of high-quality senior care service providers. Founded in Omaha, Nebraska in 1994, the company is a category leader that provides quality in-home care and companionship for seniors from over 1,000 offices in 14 countries around the world. Home Instead Australia is a national network of 30 independent, locally-owned offices that provides flexible, professional, reliable and trusted services to help older people to continue living safely and independently in their own homes.

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Home Instead Australia prides itself on providing exceptional care to seniors, yet had no automated nor streamlined way to collect feedback from its clients. Though they offer many special services and often are personally recommended, the company recognized that a brand’s online presence and reputation are among the most critical factors that influence a person’s choice for senior care. Simply showcasing amenities and services was no longer enough — families and future residents want to hear from existing clients. With more facilities competing for clients, what used to be attractive amenities had become table stakes, with the only real differentiator today being experience. That’s when Home Instead Australia started looking for a solution, and found Birdeye.

Results (in 3 months):

  • 28.5% increase in Google traffic.
  • 44% Review conversion rate.
  • 17,000 views to custom website reviews API
  • Locations showing #1 on Google Search

Helping seniors find you with optimized business listings

Home Instead Australia manages 30 franchises and required a robust tool to manage their information across all sites at scale. To help them be found online, they wanted to make sure potential clients always had accurate and up-to-date information.

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Birdeye allows them to easily maintain accurate information for their providers and location with its integrated API-based listing solution. Having accurate listings helps Home Instead Australia be found online. In just 2 months, Home Instead saw a 28.5% increase in Google traffic. 

Home Instead Australia’s locations now show up on top of Google searches when prospective clients are searching for a home health care service.

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The impact of online reviews

Home Instead Australia has always provided innovative, relationship-based home care. They knew that getting positive experiences online was the social proof they needed to differentiate themselves from other providers. Online reviews from current residents and their families are perhaps the most important factor that set their facility apart from competitors. Strengthening their online reputation with client reviews helps seniors find and choose Home Instead Australia. In addition, having a strong online reputation helps their website perform in search engine rankings, enabling prospective residents and their families to find them.

To get client feedback, Home Instead Australia started using Birdeye to send out review generation requests to clients and their family members. Birdeye’s review process makes it easy for clients to leave feedback on the site of their choice in a single click. The results have paid off. Home Instead Australia has had a 44% conversion rate, and its locations are now showing at the top of Google searches. 

Birdeye not only allows customers to leave a review on Google or Facebook, but also allows clients who have neither of those sites to leave a direct review, which can then be shared on the website or social media. The staff also occasionally receives handwritten feedback from clients which they can easily make into website testimonials with Birdeye.

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Showcasing positive reviews

Home Instead Australia strengthens SEO, SEM, and social media marketing initiatives by using the voices of their clients as new content. Birdeye’s API enables Home Instead Australia to stream reviews from each location right to their website. Each franchise automatically showcases its own recent reviews. Doing so shows a commitment to transparency, and a steady stream of reviews helps boost their site’s search engine ranking, so more people will find and visit their website. Prospective clients who come to the website are now able to see the latest positive reviews. Home Instead Australia’s reviews have been viewed over 17,000 times in 3 months on their website.  

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The Birdeye difference

A positive online reputation helps clients find and trust your business, converts searchers into actual leads, and boosts local search rankings. Without a service like Birdeye, online reputation management is extremely time-consuming.

Home Instead Australia uses Birdeye to manage their reputation, get found online, and display social proof where clients are looking for a home health provider. As a result, they have been able to build their reputation and acquire more clients.

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