Online reputation
made easy

Take control of your brand and solve
customer issues by managing all your
reviews in one place.

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Online review management has never been simpler

Receive new review alerts via email or SMS so you don’t miss a word. Automatically respond to
customer feedback and build brand loyalty in seconds.

Review Management Made Simpler
Review Responses

Respond directly to
every review

Keep customers engaged by responding to reviews directly from one dashboard and acknowledging issues right away.

Review Responses
response templates

review responses

Create reusable and customizable review response templates that save you time.

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response automation

Set review responses on

Use custom rules to promptly address every incoming review automatically.

Response Automation
Case Study Story
Black Bear Diner uses role-based
review management to boost guest acquisition as business doubles

On track to almost double their locations in 2 years, Black Bear Diner
needed to make sure guests at every location, old and new, were happy with their visit and eager to return.

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spam and slander detection

We’ve got you covered

BirdEye identifies reviews with spam, slander, and other violations and removes them from your feed.

Spam Slaner Detection
Bulk management

Just a few clicks to do the trick

Organize all your customer feedback in seconds. Tag, ticket, or download your reviews to solve more problems in less time.

Bulk Management
employee leaderboard

Teamwork makes the
dream work

Improve team productivity with an employee leaderboard. Drive healthy competition by tracking requests, reviews, and ratings for each employee, automatically.

Employee Leaderboard

Quickly address
negative feedback

BirdEye alerts you of negative reviews so you can
respond instantly. Easily convert reviews into
support tickets and assign them to your team to
ensure every customer issue is resolved quickly.

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Powerful alone. Unstoppable together.

BirdEye is the only comprehensive platform for customer experience that offers a range of products that scale with your business. Check out our other products that work well with Review Management.


All businesses have a phone and email. But it's time to add another. Business texting is the new essential.

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Close the loop on customer feedback across all touchpoints and improve customer satisfaction.

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