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26 locations, endless tenant feedback, and how Birdeye made sense of it all

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Company Snapshot

Kairoi Residential is a 26-location property management company in the San Antonio area dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with tenants.

  • Nov 2017

Kairoi came to Birdeye for help with a few different issues the business was facing. Between May 2017 to May 2018, Kairoi Residential had a 2.7 average review rating across review sites like Google, Apartments.com, and Facebook. Much of the time, the residents who were leaving reviews were the ones with strongly negative experiences. 

"Birdeye is a great product and company. They are always looking to expand and iterate on their platform (a vital thing in today's world). The support we get is incredible."
Taryn AustgenMarketing and Public Relations Manager

Kairoi Residential also had a problem staying on top of customer reviews on all sites. The company had 26 locations and 2 employees in marketing. There was simply not enough time for employees to take a look at every single site individually.

Higher Overall Rating

With Birdeye, Kairoi Residential saw a huge improvement in the overall rating. Between May 2018 and May 2019, Kairoi had an average rating of 4.0 across review sites

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The more review requests that Kairoi sent out, the more likely they were to get reviews that were more representative of their client base. Since it was so easy to see how many reviews every property was getting, a competitive environment began to take root. Each property started competing to see who could get the most reviews. The end result was more well-rounded customer feedback across the board. 

Standing Ahead of the Competition

Recently, Kairoi has been getting started with 3rd party property management. When trying to attract potential partners, Kairoi needs proof that it can do the job better than any of its competitors. 

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Luckily, the Competitors tab within the Birdeye dashboard helps to provide Kairoi all the proof it needs. Among other things, this section allows customers to compare their review ratings with competitors. By showing the competitors section to prospective partners, Kairoi can show that they have the highest overall rating of any housing agency in the area.

Easy Monitoring and Response

With Birdeye, Kairoi is able to take a look at all of their different review sites with a single dashboard. This helped to save the time of employees, who no longer had to look at each different review site individually. 

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Responding to customer reviews became easier than ever. Kairoi uses Birdeye’s ticketing feature to assign different reviews to regional managers so they could make sure that these reviews were responded to immediately.

Improving Operations

Birdeye has also helped Kairoi improve the overall experience of customers. When the company was sending out requests, they would get important feedback on support and maintenance issues.

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Kairoi also uses Birdeye’s insights to see the exact pain points of their residents. Birdeye’s Natural Language Processing engine Athena shows management exactly what keywords customers are talking about in reviews. Regional managers have the chance to see and then deal with problems that residents really care about.

Driving Growth with Birdeye

By sending review requests, monitoring and responding to reviews, and taking into account customer feedback, Kairoi Residential was able to look better than ever to potential residents and partners. 

Kairoi’s employees don’t need to spend their time going through different review sites or manually sending review requests. With Birdeye, the company has the tools it needs to drive revenue authentically. 

Birdeye: The Obvious Choice

Winning over 400 awards for 10 quarters in a row, Birdeye is the most-awarded and highest-rated customer experience software for businesses of all sizes.

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