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How Weekends Only simplified communications, collected customer reviews, and improved the retail experience

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Company Snapshot

Weekends Only Furniture & Mattress is a 7-location furniture and mattress retailer with locations in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri as well as an e-commerce site. The company offers quality mattresses at affordable prices.

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Weekends Only has always strived to deliver fantastic customer experience for all of its customers. However, they had two problems. Weekends Only’s call center team was communicating with customers through several different communication channels. It was hard for the team to stay on top of all messages from customers. 

Plus, Weekends Only’s online reputation did not reflect the quality of their customer experience. The customers that were leaving reviews for Weekends Only were often those who felt that they’d had negative experiences. As a result, a vocal minority distorted the business’s rating on sites like Google. 

The business needed a solution that could help their Call Center team stay on top of customer messages and motivate their happy customers to leave more reviews. That naturally led them to Birdeye. 

During the vendor selection process, Weekends Only had two concerns about Birdeye’s platform. The company didn’t know if their customers would react well to getting sent review requests via text message. They were also scared of the possibility of their overall star rating going down as a result of bad reviews. However, they would soon find out both of these concerns were unfounded. 

"Birdeye has helped our business not only by improving our online reputation by capturing more of our brand advocates but also by helping give voice to all of our customers. We’re now able to discuss the customer experience with a shared understanding using real data – not simply advocating for what we “think” our customers want."
Drew Phillips
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More reviews with Birdeye

Sending out requests with Birdeye was simpler than Weekends Only’s team could have imagined. Birdeye integrated with Weekends Only’s existing business system. Review requests went out automatically via text message on the same day as the purchase. 

Since the process of sending a review request was taken care of automatically, nobody on the Weekends Only team needed to spend much time on the platform. Customers were already required to leave their phone number at checkout so the business didn’t need to make any changes to existing processes. 

In addition, the team soon realized that their concerns about bothering their customers with text messages were unfounded. Most customers were happy to help out Weekends Only by leaving a review. 

Since starting with Birdeye, Weekends Only has collected more reviews and went from an average of a 3.7 overall star rating to a 4.3 overall star rating across all of its stores. Because the business was making an effort to solicit feedback from all customers, overall rating is no longer unfairly skewed by angry customers. 

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All messages from customers in one place

Birdeye has helped Weekends Only’s call center team to easily get in touch with customers and prospects. The Birdeye Inbox allows employees to manage and respond to customer messages from all over the Internet in one place. This helped to make communicating with customers and prospects easier than ever. 

In addition, the team uses automated response templates within the Birdeye dashboard in order to respond to common customer messages. Birdeye allows businesses to build templates to answer frequently asked questions. This saves time for team members who no longer have to manually type out a response for every single customer query. 

Understanding the customer experience

Birdeye Insights allow Weekends Only to better understand the overall customer experience. Birdeye’s natural language processing engine Athena analyzes review text in order to identify how customers feel about different areas of business operations.

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With these insights, Weekends Only is able to easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual locations. The team regularly goes over review insights in executive meetings in order to identify areas for improvement.

Growing business with Birdeye

With Birdeye, Weekends Only was able to collect more reviews, improve customer interactions, and better understand customer opinion. With the easy implementation and great results, the team is glad they went with Birdeye.

Birdeye: The Obvious Choice

Winning over 400 awards for 10 quarters in a row, Birdeye is the most-awarded and highest-rated customer experience software for businesses of all sizes.

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