Social Reporting & Analytics

Track social results everywhere

Access insightful social reports to measure and optimize performance across networks and locations.

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AI-powered social engagement
Local Social Media
Multi-Location Social Reporting

Measure success 
across locations

Create custom reports that compare social performance across locations and regions — uncovering insights to optimize social strategy.

Content Performance

Identify top-performing content

Identify posts with the most traction across social channels with detailed performance reports on impressions, reach, and engagement. Double down on strategies that work best for your brand.

Content Performance
Audience Growth Reporting

Track audience trends

Keep tabs on new and lost followers across different channels and locations over time to identify trends and opportunities for improvement. Uncover patterns over time to optimize your growth strategy.

Audience Growth Reporting
Post Metrics

Measure performance across networks

Track impressions, reach, and engagement for each of your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to fine-tune your performance.

Post Metrics
Easy Visualization

Visualize data your way

Harness user-friendly visualizations to compare performance across locations and time periods – with your preferred chart and table options.

Easy Visualization

Focus on the metrics that matter

Easily create shareable dashboards to stay on top of important metrics and ensure everyone stays informed.

Focus on the metrics that matter

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