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Jul 21, 2019

Assign 'Tags' to Contacts in bulk upload

ImprovementBusinesses can now view tag-based reports to analyze tags associated with reviews. These reports can be accessed from the 'Reports' tab and are placed within the last category under 'Review reports'.
Assign 'Tags' to Contacts in bulk upload

Birdeye now allows you to assign tags to the contacts while you upload them in bulk. You can simply add a new column mentioning the 'Tag group' in the heading and assign tags to corresponding contacts. You can also add multiple tags to a single contact by adding the same contact to multiple rows. Tags added to the contacts can be used to sort the contacts using filters in the contacts list.

Contacts uploaded in bulk will be tagged with the 'Date of upload' automatically and can be used to filter the newly added contacts.

For more information, read the help center article.