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Mar 15, 2019

Birdeye removes Google+ support

ImprovementAs Google has shut down Google+, Birdeye will no longer support Google+ pages. Going forward, Birdeye users cannot integrate their Google+ pages with Birdeye.
Birdeye removes Google+ support

As Google has shut down Google+, Birdeye will now stop supporting Google+ pages. With Facebook and Twitter running ahead in the competition, Google has announced that it will be finally shutting down its social media platform, Google+.

Going forward, Birdeye users will not be able to integrate Google+ pages with Birdeye and mentions from Google+ will not be fetched into the Listening module anymore. The users cannot make a post on Google+ within Birdeye or track social mentions. However, existing mentions will be retained and the GMB page integration will remain unaffected.

To learn more about this update, read this help center article.