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4on Capterra, Jul 16, 2018
8x8 is a great tool, we love it.
Pros: I like that there's a text message integration. That is really helpful & handy. Easily our favorite feature.
Cons: A lot of times the call log d
oes not load. It will show me missed calls on my screen but in the call log, not have a list.
Overall: Easy communication, phone calls & text!
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5on Getvoip, Jul 09, 2018
Been very satisfied with my service. Customer service is always readily available to help me make changes to my system. The app could use some improvement, as there’s a lag with loading and deleting voicemails, which is kind of annoying. But overall the service delivers on the promise! more »
4on Capterra, Jul 02, 2018
Great VOiP system that allows office calls to seamlessly pass to your cell phone.
Pros: I loved having the app on my phone and my pc so that incoming calls could be answered anywhere, without ha
ving to share my mobile phone number.
Cons: Some of the menus in the phone itself were a bit complicated. Also the app on the pc didn't always work. It seemed like some of the features were disabled even though they were included in our service.
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3on GooglePlay, Jul 01, 2018
Text messages don't load and Im not able to send messages witout having the
app rebooting over and over again
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3on GooglePlay, Jun 29, 2018
Getting better. Recent updates have improved the reliability more »
5on BirdEye, Jun 27, 2018
They are great to work with, and provide a super product! more »
4on GooglePlay, Jun 26, 2018
Necessary evil more »
5on BirdEye, Jun 25, 2018
This service has been great for our company, I highly recommend them. more »
5on BirdEye, Jun 21, 2018
CTM has been using 8 x 8 for about four or five years. We love it.
I am in the commodities business - petroleum globally - and use the
phone all of the time. My favorite features: "forwa
rd" from my line to all the other lines in the house, cell, and wherever I am. Some of my colleagues want to subscribe but, frankly, I haven't taken the time to give them the info.
There are some features that I could use but don't know how.....I also use freeconferencecall.com. How can I utilize both to best advantage?
Please guide me an up to date one page document and I'll spread the good word. We all call West Africa, China, Europe and other areas frequently. Thanks. Carol L.Moseley.
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5on BirdEye, Jun 20, 2018
8x8 is Fabulous. From the first time I was researching for a new phone service for our Law Office every person that I have had to have contact with is very professional, extremely knowledgeable, helpful in every way, and have always addressed and fixed whatever concerns or issues I was having. More importantly, any time I have contacted them the staff will go out of their way to assure my satisfaction. They are wonderful. more »
5on BirdEye, Jun 20, 2018
I like 8x8. One of the best aspects of their service, is if you have a question or need technical support, you don't have to wait in a queue for 20 - 30 minutes (as you do with some other providers). Additionally, the customer service/tech support people are genuinely helpful and skillful in their support. If they have to put you on hold, they tell you they will check in in two minutes - which they always do. We've all had the experience of being put on indefinite hold, and that has never happened to me with 8x8. They also ask for your phone # to call you back should you get disconnected, however I've never been disconnected by 8x8. more »
4on Capterra, Jun 19, 2018
Decent communications suite for in-office and remote users
Pros: Overall, Virtual Office is easy to use with a nice set of tools. The mobile application allows for calls to be taken seamlessly o
n the go. Meetings and conference bridges can be configured quickly and there are available browser extensions that extend the features.
Cons: The virtual meeting has improved since it's introduction, but it is cumbersome to use when compared with similar online meeting offerings.
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5on GooglePlay, Jun 17, 2018
A very nice app and I can use it any where at any time. more »
5on BirdEye, Jun 15, 2018
Customer service is excellent more »
4on iTunes, Jun 15, 2018
Helpful but not perfect
When the app works, it’s great. Caller ID shows business phone not cell. You do have to manually change the ring tone for the app to distinguish calls every time - didn
’t have to do that on older versions. Updates sometimes bring new glitches. Took a bit to find an actual phone number for support on the website. Support responded to a complaint sent through the site but it did take about a day to call and email me back - that can be a problem for business. Ultimately, the problem was my iPhone being goofed up by a sync glitch with my new Ford Escape. Support was courteous and helpful as much as they could be. Still waiting for a more perfect app but this will do. more »
4on Capterra, Jun 14, 2018
used as tool for interoffice communication
Pros: it connected to our phones and made it easy to talk and chat with coworkers. Could click on coworker's name just to call them.
Cons: I
t seemed like it worked well for the most part. Every now and again it would crash and we wouldn't be able to access our phones or chat. more »
5on Capterra, Jun 14, 2018
Such a great virtual office
Pros: Streamlines working from home and makes it so much simpler by having the app so I don't have to haul my office phone home.
Cons: I don't care fo
r the fact that the google extension will pop up in the middle of your screen every phone call more »
5on BirdEye, Jun 13, 2018
Great customer service. Great platform. Very satisfied with service. more »
5on BirdEye, Jun 13, 2018
Great service at reasonable cost. I love the app to which allows you to answer office calls anywhere. Thanks 8X8. more »
5on BirdEye, Jun 13, 2018
Reliable service and excellent tech support. more »
3on Capterra, Jun 12, 2018
Use this software everyday for calls.
Pros: I like that it is virtual and does not require a physical phone, I also like that it works with any of the browsers I choose to use.
Cons: Prett
y outdated as far as style, my software personally is very buggy, but could be related to my PC
Overall: Voicemail, voice calls, monitoring, call recording, soft phone
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4on Capterra, Jun 12, 2018
Nice Service to Track Calls
Pros: This product has made it easy to go in and run reports on days and time periods to determine when phone calls were made and the duration.
Cons: The layout
of the website is not very user-friendly. Navigating the website takes some practice but once you have the hang of it and are familiar with it, it becomes easier. more »
3on Capterra, Jun 12, 2018
program freezes often
Pros: The UI is fairly easy to navigate. Also, the reporting and monitoring features come in handy for data collection and analysis.
Cons: The program freezes quite f
requently. Team members are forced to restart the program on an almost daily basis, which ends up wasting a fair amount of time.
Overall: Team members are able to accept/transfer calls. Having the queue system helps with work flow.
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3on Capterra, Jun 11, 2018
Overall it serves its purpose.
Pros: I like that it allows you to message with the members of your organization easily. I like that it lets you know when other coworkers are on the phone.
Cons: Very glitchy and causes your computer to run very slow as it uses a lot of computer recourses. Many times you have to shut the program down and reopen it just to be able to toggle off DND or just because it stopped working.
Overall: You can message with your coworkers easily.
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4on Capterra, Jun 11, 2018
Good for working from home
Pros: I like that I can easily use 8x8 Virtual Office from my cell phone when I am working from home. It is easy to download and use the app.
Cons: I do not like
that 8x8 has so many glitches. Sometimes our whle department can't use the phone. Also it does not notify us when our mailbox is getting too full to take messages. more »
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8x8 business VoIP helps you serve your customers better with mobile, flexible solutions that help you do business anywhere, anytime. From hosted VoIP business phone service and cloud-based call center software to unified communications, our services are easy to use, incredibly advanced and less expensive than traditional solutions. Ranked #1 hosted VoIP provider. Proven. Reliable. Secure.more »