4 Steps to Win More Customers For Your Business

How can businesses win more customers? Let’s answer the question by talking about how customers discover your business.

Customers today are informed, digitally connected and don’t just choose any business they come across. Rather they scan several businesses, read reviews and ratings, check their online reputation and then select the business that best suits their needs. 

This is precisely why businesses, across industries, are focusing on building a great online reputation. With this comes a challenge – since most businesses already have an online presence, competition is stiff. You now must go that extra mile to gain trust and credibility, which eventually will draw more customers.

Here are four steps to beat your competition and get more customers:

Make sure you’re found online

win more customers - make sure you are found online

Without a reputable online presence, your chances of winning more business are slim. Start by listing your business on sites such as Google, Facebook, online business directories and review websites. These sites are usually the first point of contact between your customers and your business. Make sure that your business listing on all these websites has similar messaging and accurate contact details. According to a survey, 73% of customers lose trust in a local business if listings are inconsistent and 67% lose trust in a business if they can’t find its contact details.

Along with this, make sure your business website is user-friendly and high on engagement. Most people spend only 2.6 seconds scanning a webpage before deciding whether to read more. It’s critical to have content that influences a customer’s first impression and encourages them to contact you. Your website should have details of all the services you provide and should let visitors directly contact you for more information.

Build trust and differentiate from competitors

Over 80% of customers trust online reviews just as much as recommendations made by their family and friends. No matter what your website says about your services or how you advertise on social media and search engines, if you don’t have positive customer reviews to back up your claims, customers won’t trust you.

Encourage your customers to share their experiences on sites such as:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Review websites
  • Industry blogs

Don’t panic if you get a few negative reviews. According to research, 95% of customers suspect fake reviews or censorship if they don’t see a few bad ratings. Although several negative reviews and a few positive ones won’t help you much, a few negatives among a large pool of positive mentions will reinforce trust. Regularly track all reviews and respond promptly.

Along with reviews for your business, keep track of customer feedback for your competitors too. Use the insights to understand customer needs and advertise your services and products accordingly.

Make interactions easy and meaningful

After customers find you online and trust your services, they may now want to contact you. Make it easy for them to interact with you. Prominently displaying your contact details on your business website will help, but adding a chat feature on your website would be even better.

Respond to all questions and concerns your customers might have promptly and encourage them to visit you. This is critical to keep a flow of new customers and avoid losing business to your competition. Research shows that 53% of customers expect businesses to respond to negative reviews within a week.

Provide a delightful customer experience

win more customers - provide delightful customer experience

When customers visit you or purchase your product, you must make sure that their experience is nothing short of fantastic. Satisfied experiences will not only lead to loyalty towards your business, but the happy customers may also share their experience on social media or write a review for your business, which will help you win more customers.

Though positive experiences shared by customers are incredibly important, they are often underutilized. Once a customer shares their positive experience, use it in your social media posts, online ads, offline marketing material, and blogs to engage first-time visitors, build loyalty with existing customers, and attract potential customers.

Improving your online reputation is a great way to find and connect with new customers. With a comprehensive online reputation management and customer experience solution like BirdEye, you can improve your chances of getting new customers and focus on providing exceptional customer service.

With powerful features like online presence, review management, and social listening, and website webchat BirdEye gives you the right set of tools to dominate your competition, boost your revenue, and win more customers. 

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