5 Steps to Resolving Customer Complaints Online

Frederik Hermann

4 min read Last Updated Jan 10, 2020

When customers complain, they are voicing a concern in relation to your product or service. Resolving customer complaints is a lot like putting out a fire. The complaints can range from a simple statement pointing out a certain problem, to words that you wouldn’t like to hear. The question is how well you handle both extremes? It’s reactive, and no matter how good your product or service is, it’s impossible to please all of your customers.

If you lose your cool or get intimidated by a customer’s language or fret over a certain unresolved issue, you are dampening your chances of creating a positive impression on your client by resolving the complaint. Customer complaint management can be a huge asset to your business. How efficiently you can respond to them decides how your customer base will shape up.

For every customer who complains, 26 others remain silent. Complaints give you insights into potentially pervasive problems that are bothering a large segment of your customer base. When customers complain, they are actively teaching you how to improve your product. So resolving customer complaints become all the more important.

Customers don’t want a vague non-response that insults their intelligence. If you are going to resolve a customer complaint, it’s important to be very specific.

A strong customer complaint management system if put into place can make you the number one choice for your customer. The next time you receive a customer complaint, follow these 5 tips to resolving customer complaints:

Listen and understand.

If you want to develop a strong reputation among your clients, you should listen to your customers. They have complained with a certain perspective, and it is important to address. Don’t jump into explanations or get defensive with your response. Give the customers time to explain their problem and what is actually troubling them. 

Apologize and empathize.

Resolving customer complaints ensures them that their concern is your number one priority. Your response provides an assurance to the customer and creates an instant bond between you and them. In case the customer points out some problem, don’t be afraid to apologize. If you don’t admit your mistake, you might come across as arrogant.

Find and execute a solution.

If the complaint is clearly stated, you should start with customer complaint resolution. If the problem is complex and will take a certain amount of time, convey details such as expected time of resolution, ticket number, the name of customer care executive, who is resolving the problem and so on. Simultaneously, focus on what you can do rather than denying their request. This makes your customer trusts your customer care management system.

Regularly follow up.

Constant follow up takes resolving customer complaints experience to a different level. Follow up with your customers, regularly, to make sure they are satisfied with the resolution for their complaint. This can be in the form of a follow-up email or survey asking for feedback on how the complaint was handled. Following up with your customers makes your case as a firm a lot strong and the customers might end up being your promoters to the potential clients.

Exceed expectations.

You have acknowledged the mistake, fixed the problem and followed up. Now is the time to leverage the good reputation that you have built. Introduce your new products and services to your clients. Give them free access to new products or features, thanking them that it is because they highlighted the problem. Hence, you were able to provide a remedy to this problem.

In this world where your potential customer has easy access to what your existing customers are saying about you, it becomes important for you to perform and hence, act per your customer needs. The customers and their review play a major role in defining your business in the long run.

Resolving customer complaints is pivotal as far as improving a product or service is concerned. However, the way you handle a complaint is the difference between keeping a customer or losing one. If you address your customers’ queries to perfection, you are in the process of creating more loyal customers, improving your customer complaint management system and delivering a better quality of customer service.

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