9 advantages of having good customer service reviews for hotels

Positive customer service reviews for hotels like yours are reassuring. They are a validation of your success in ensuring customer happiness. They help you attract new customers and translate into a better business by improving your online reputation.

Research shows that hotel businesses run the risk of losing 22% of their customers if they have even a single negative review. If there are three negative reviews, the chance of losing a potential customer grows to 59%. And, the trend continues with each additional bad review.

One of the best ways to reduce that risk is to provide a steady stream of positive reviews for hotels. Good reviews are a quick way for customers to assess your property based on the experiences of other travelers.

Positive customer service reviews – 9 results

Increased revenue

Research shows that positive reviews for hotels and other hospitality services can lead to a 1.42% boost in your revenue per room.

More referrals

positive customer service reviews

Based on research by TripAdvisor, positive reviews help fellow travelers make informed decisions while booking properties. They will only recommend your hotel if they have great experiences and receive exemplary services. And, more good reviews for hospitality means more referrals for your business.

Customer loyalty

A stellar online reputation gives your customers a significant reason to stay loyal to your business. They feel proud to be patrons when they read positive customer service reviews for hotels.

Increased company value

In the stock market, public opinion dramatically influences the value of a business. If you are being applauded, your company’s value increases. If you are receiving negative feedback about your business, your business’s value decreases. Therefore, your business is more valuable if you have an excellent reputation.


Improved search engine rankings (SEO)

People often refer to your business on social media and review sites. Search engines like Google and Bing interpret this as a signal that you are doing something valuable. With time, your search engine rankings improve, and you are more easily found by customers.

Employee loyalty

Employees prefer to work for businesses with good reputations. Because your business has a great online reputation, your employees will feel proud to be parts of it. Moreover, they will also be motivated to improve their work performances.

Freedom to charge more

Are you running a hospitality business with a great online reputation and a high rating? Well, you may be able to increase your room rates by 5-10% without harming your occupancy rate.

Respect from competitors

Good reviews for providing great service can lead to a powerful online reputation. As a result of this, you gain admiration and regard from rivals in your industry. Knowing that you’ve gained the respect of your competitors is a big morale booster. And it can be profoundly motivating for your business.

Long-term partnerships with local vendors and merchants

A great online reputation can help you a great deal. Local businesses will seek to leverage your popularity by associating themselves with your name. More positive customer service reviews help in gaining long-term partnerships with local vendors and merchants.

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