Brands and service providers are always looking for ways to engage with the audience in a fast and efficient manner. The importance of video in content marketing is undebatable; now brands are using the Facebook live feature to connect with their audience. As a realtor, if you are want to know about the best Facebook live real estate ideas, we will dive into some ideas, but first we want to shed some light on text messaging. 

In addition to Facebook Live, text messaging is also a highly effective tactic; you can even use it to showcase your live video link! In this video, discover how Real Estate Agent and Coach Aaron Novella of Keller Williams leveraged Birdege text messaging to engage clients personally, adding to their overall experience. Texting allowed him and his team to gain a clear advantage over competitors by providing a real-time, seamless, and highly effective communication process.                                    

1)      Give a glimpse of the neighborhood and nightlife

As a real estate agent, show around the neighborhood by going Live while touring. It will give prospective clients an idea of what it’s like to live in the area. From showing the lifestyle to displaying the area, i.e., kids playground, local grocery shops, it would be of great help to prospective clients.

Also, don’t forget to show off the buzzing nightlife. From trendy cafés & lounge to local coffee shops, from fine-dining restaurants to specialty restaurants, try to capture the essence of those through live video. Make sure you pick those restaurants that have decent fan following on social media platforms.

2)      Live streaming of auctions

An auction is something which involves a lot of drama, suspense, so why not film it! Use Facebook live to live stream auctions as they unfold. As a real estate agent, if you are too caught up in the proceedings you can ask your colleague to hold the camera for you.

3)      Hold discussion about property market with a specialist

Give your followers deep insights about the market by taking an interview with a local mortgage broker or an economist. Also, after posting the live video on Facebook, don’t forget to tag them in the description of the video. By tagging them, you would be able to capture their audience and it will benefit both of you.

4)      Interview a home stager on site

The best idea for a Facebook live is to give some handy tips on staging. However, if you want to give more expert approach ask a professional home stager for tips. Give your followers a sneak-peek on how you two worked together to maximize the potential of the property.

“The role of home stager is to prepare a property in the real estate marketplace. Their main aim to make the home appealing to the maximum number of the potential buyers, thereby selling a home more quickly and for more money.”

5)      Mention your success stories

Make the use of storytelling; it’s one of the most impactful marketing tools for an estate agent. People love to hear success stories. As a real estate agent, include your recent clients’ success as how they were successful in selling their home in the least amount of time and got a great deal. Try setting up a short interview with your client, it will not only make the story real but it will also appeal to the viewers.

6)      Host contests

As a real estate agent, you should partner with the local businesses to organize contests. Go live during the contest and don’t forget to film the moment while announcing the name of the winner. By consistently taking part in such contests, you give your brand the  required visibility.

In addition to Facebook, here are other social media marketing musts for real estate professionals.

How can Birdeye help you?

Facebook Live real estate ideas aren’t the only way you can grow your business. As a real estate agent, the more active presence on Facebook, the better you will be able to engage with your audience. Birdeye is one of the most powerful online reputation solutions, through its social listening tool you can monitor the comments in real-time on your photos, videos etc from one dashboard. Also, whenever anyone mentions about your brand on social media, you will get real-time alert for it.