Jody Mayers

As a social media manager at Birdeye, Jody brings a wealth of experience in crafting engaging narratives and building brand awareness across various online platforms.

With a background in both traditional and digital media, she’s honed her writing skills through extensive work in newspapers and magazines. This experience has equipped her with a deep understanding of storytelling, effective communication, and the power of captivating content.

In her current role at Birdeye, she specializes in social media and experience marketing, tailoring content creatively to resonate with their interests and preferences and growing followers and key metrics.

Beyond her professional endeavors, she is a dedicated mom of three boys, loves spending time exploring the outdoors, photography, and art.

Additionally, she is an active volunteer at her children's school as a public relations board member for the high school band and serves as a dispatcher for the Wisconsin branch of "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep," a non-profit organization that provides remembrance photography for families who have suffered the loss of a newborn.

Combining her diverse skill set and her commitment to making a positive impact, Jody strives to create meaningful connections, inspire others through storytelling, and contribute to the growth and success of Birdeye's online presence.