Birdeye launches new business profiles

Aanchal Narad

3 min read Last Updated Apr 13, 2020

Make an unforgettable digital impression with Birdeye’s new profiles.

The customer journey is mobile, and it’s picking up speed. We’ve launched cutting-edge new Birdeye profiles so businesses can keep pace. Not only do Birdeye’s business profiles have a fresh new look, but they’re also designed to benefit businesses’ online reputations from several angles.

New content is automatically generated via a steady flow of customer reviews, so profiles stay fresh with zero maintenance. The new profiles are SEO optimized for high online visibility, but that’s just the beginning. Businesses will now have invaluable advertising placement not only in search results but on other profiles in their category or location.

With a paid profile, Birdeye sends a recommendation of your business to more than 2 million other free profiles whenever users search for businesses similar or nearby to yours. This means when customers look at your competitors’ profiles, they’ll see a recommendation for your business. With increased exposure to relevant audiences, businesses can acquire new customers with a simple search.

Mobile-first customer experience

All these updates mean customers can now find business profiles more easily than ever, so we’ve made sure they look crisp and clean on any device. Today’s customers live on mobile, so we’ve built profiles to fit seamlessly into a digital lifestyle. The new adaptable interface displays flawlessly on screens of any size. These include phones, tablets, desktops, televisions, and whatever device comes next.

Bold images and straightforward information make navigation easy. That way a customer’s introduction to a business is both helpful and pleasant. More importantly, the design spurs action. Customers can leave reviews of their own via the embedded review module, and the appointment module quickly turns online users into new customers. Businesses can even choose to include an interactive Google map for their business in their profile, smoothing the digital customer experience even further.

Businesses can leverage the full potential of online customer feedback with next-generation Birdeye profiles.

Online searches can take customers anywhere, instantly. Be there.

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