Decoding Real Estate SEO: Top ways to Capture Traffic and Leads

Frederik Hermann

3 min read Last Updated Feb 12, 2020

Decoding Real estate SEO

While searching for a home, 90% of home buyers take the help of the Internet. As a real estate agent, you can’t afford to miss out on this valuable traffic, it makes real estate SEO (search engine optimization) and digital marketing more important than ever. For capturing traffic in real estate industry, SEO efforts start with targeting local keyword on own website.  Check out the top ways to capture traffic and leads for a real estate website:

1) Focus on local keyword phrases. 

69% of home sellers and buyers begin their search on the Internet with a local keyword e.g. “Richmond Realtor”. As a Real estate agent, when you are launching your website, figure out in which city you want to focus first.

You should optimize your website with search terms such as:

  •          [City] real estate
  •          [City] homes for sale
  •          [City] real estate listings

These words should appear on the pages across your website. However, you should not forget to incorporate the local keywords, so that can be worked into content. E.g. if you are focusing on a page such as “Living in Richmond”, you should also offer information on schools, colleges, public transportation and more of the same.

Remember, the more targeted your real estate website is, the easier it is to gain leads. By focusing on capturing the local traffic you have a good chance to rank on the keyword, i.e., “Richmond Realtor” rather than “Mountain View Realtor”.

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2) Use photos and videos.  

The universal fact is that photos and videos are the most important engagement objects on all websites. When it comes to real estate industry, the fact makes complete sense.  Home buyers would love to see the video tour of their prospective homes. if you can capture testimonials on video too, it will increase the impact that your business will have on your clients. As a real estate agent, whenever you sell the property, try to get a testimonial from your client. With positive testimonials, your online reputation will improve, and that translates to rise in traffic and leads for your real estate business.

3) Get yourself listed in directories. 

Real estate directories get plenty of traffic, make every possible effort to get listed in them. Here are the high traffic consuming real estate websites that have directories available to real estate agents:

  •         RedFin
  •         Zillow
  •         Trulia

Trulia had 277 million-page views in a month, Zillow alone had 498 million-page views. The key to getting maximum traffic is to get listed in the right real estate directory.

4) Integrate social media. 

 To start a new relationship and to strengthen the existing ones, Realtors should take the help of social media.  As a real estate agent, make sure to maintain active social media presence to interact with current and prospective clients on channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Take some time out and research where your target clients are most active socially. Positive interactions on social media channels will lead to a rise in leads for your real estate business.

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