Have you ever wondered what can transport your dental business to the #1 spot so that you can scale your practice rapidly? We have the secret sauce for you – specific, personalized, and detailed 5-star reviews. 

Choosing a dental clinic can be a daunting task for patients and online reviews can help you win their trust. Studies show that 68% of the time, consumers check online reviews before choosing a business to work with. This makes reviews one of the most influential local business channels. Wondering what a perfect 5-star review looks like? Explore the best 5-star dentist review examples with this blog post. 

In this blog post, we’ve explored the value of securing 5-star reviews for your dental practice, shared examples to help you inspire and guide your patients, and explained ways you can boost your online reputation.

What makes a 5-star dentist review great? 

A good 5-star dentist review should be specific and detailed. It must describe the clinic’s environment, detail the patient’s experience, and add a personal touch. Additionally, it should convey genuine feedback about the services provided and share the results achieved by the dental clinic.

The addition of details transforms the 5-star reviews. The review goes from being just another generic comment to a helpful review that can boost the clinic’s online reputation and bring in more patients. 

“I would guess 80% of all our new patients come from Google and Facebook reviews. That is solely due to Birdeye’s presence. When I discuss how you heard about Dr. Wyatt, I see that it’s always wonderful reviews on Google or Facebook. We capitalize on that.  We ask them to do a review and invite other people looking for a new dentist. We have gotten great patients from Google search!” 

Willam E. Wyatt, Jr. DDS 

Let’s examine these aspects in detail to help you write and identify a good 5-star dentist review, along with some of the best dentist review examples. 

Image showing the reviews for a dental clinic as seen on Google Business Profile

Specificity in reviews

A good 5-star dentist review should highlight specific details about the product or service that impressed the patient. A 5-star dentist review example would look like this: “Dr. Sam’s dental clinic was prompt in confirming appointments, the staff was extremely courteous, and the doctor’s attention to detail in patient care during the dental implant process was very helpful.” 

Reviews like this help other patients understand the clinic better, thereby building trust in the brand. 

Description of clinic environment and patient experience 

Patients looking for dentists are curious about service methodologies, the overall patient experience, and the admission process. A good review must provide these details. 

For example, the review can read: “Dr. Smith’s clinic was extremely helpful in arriving at a quick diagnosis for my pain. The clinic is well-lit and well-maintained, with high-precision equipment to treat complicated dental health ailments like mine. It was a very smooth experience, and the environment put me at ease for the whole time I was there.”

This is an example of a clear positive review that boosts your reputation by mentioning the advantages patients seek. 

Personal touch 

We understand that patients may feel apprehensive about discussing their healthcare experiences in public forums. However, they can add a personal touch to their reviews by sharing how they discovered the clinic, who treated them, and what specifically delighted them about the whole process. 

A good example of how to add a personal touch to a 5-star dentist review is:

“PGA Smile Dental Clinic was truly a blessing for us. We looked up many clinics, but their friendly approach and professionalism won us over. Dr. John has over ten years of experience, is meticulous, and shows utmost care in solving our issues. They also have a general specialist to assist when needed. I would highly recommend this dental clinic to everyone.” 

Results achieved

People like to know about a clinic’s impact on its former patients. Reviews that include these details can help a potential patient choose your clinic. For instance, you can encourage your patients to talk about their experiences and the specific results they achieved in your clinic.

A good example of such a review would be: “This clinic helped me gain my confidence back by working with me to choose the right dental implants,” which is much more impactful than a review that just says, “Visited the clinic for dental implants and had a good experience.” 

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5-star dentist review examples for you to use 

Now that we know what a good review looks like, let’s explore a few 5-star dentist review examples inspired by actual 5-star reviews. 

Example 1: 

 “Dr. Patel, the principal dentist, and her team provided comprehensive care during my recent visit. I felt confident in their expertise, from the thorough examination to the detailed treatment plan. The friendly staff and modern clinic added to the positive experience.”

This is one of the best review examples for three reasons:

  • It is specific and mentions what is good about the clinic: comprehensive care and friendly staff. 
  • It talks about the clinic environment.  
  • The review mentions the doctor by name, personalizing the brand. 

Example 2:

“Taking my kids to the dentist was challenging until we found Dr. Nguyen. The kid-friendly environment, gentle approach, and patience with young patients make every visit stress-free. Highly recommended for families!”

This is a good 5-star dentist review example because it details the patient experience and helps patients understand what to expect from the dental clinic. 

Example 3: 

“I had a dental emergency over the weekend, and Dr. Rodriguez went above and beyond to accommodate me. The prompt response, efficiency in dental treatments, and follow-up care showed true professionalism. Grateful for their exceptional service.”

This 5-star dentist review example clearly illustrates the exceptional service provided by the clinic, highlighting how it distinguishes itself from competitors. 

Example 4: 

“Dr. Thompson is highly skilled in cosmetic dentistry. The results of my smile makeover exceeded my expectations, and the entire process was smooth and comfortable. Thank you for giving me the confidence to smile again!”

This is a result-oriented, 5-star dentist review that highlights the transformative impact of the doctor’s work, inspiring other patients to choose the clinic. 

Example 5: 

“Dr. Garcia fixed my dental issues and showed genuine care and compassion throughout the process. The personalized attention and emphasis on patient comfort make this practice exceptional. With their highly skilled team, dental health management has never been easier. Highly recommended for anyone seeking quality dental health care.”

This 5-star dentist review is detailed, discusses the patient’s experience, and is personal without disclosing sensitive details. 

Example 6: 

“Dr. Garcia’s practice stands out for its use of advanced technology and emphasis on patient comfort. The digital imaging technology provided a detailed understanding of my dental issues, and the sedation options made the procedure painless. Highly recommended for anyone seeking modern dental care.”

This 5-star dentist review is effective because it highlights the clinic’s modern equipment to help its patients. 

Example 7: 

Dr. Roberts and her team provide comprehensive oral care that goes beyond expectations. From routine cleanings to complex procedures, they excel in every aspect. The attention to detail, patient education, and friendly atmosphere make each visit a positive experience.”

We recommend using this 5-star dentist review example to highlight the exceptional service provided by the clinic and the different services the patient has received. 

Example 8: 

“Visiting the dentist is not my favorite thing, but Dr. Frank and his Absolute Care Dental Group team make it a seamless experience! They are professional and timely, and I always appreciate seeing their friendly faces! It soothes my anxiety and assures me that I am in good hands.”

This review example addresses a common patient concern and showcases how the doctor and his team handled it effectively. Although simple, it exemplifies the impact of a well-crafted 5-star dentist review. 

Example 9: 

“I have been going to Happy Smiles Associates for over 19 years, and Dr. Kang has been my dentist for over 10 years. I will be 75 years old next month, and Dr. Kang is the very best dentist ever. He has always taken the time to explain each procedure. He is a professional with over 30 years of experience who shows compassion at all stages. His entire staff is outstanding, including the front desk. They never overbook, and no one has to wait.”

This is one of the best dentist review examples as it adds a personal touch by highlighting the patient’s long-term trust in the dental clinic and praises both the doctor and the staff. It effectively boosts the clinic’s online reputation and encourages other patients to visit. 

Example 10: 

“I discovered that my newly crowned tooth was wiggling. I called Dr. Peter’s clinic and requested an appointment to maintain healthy teeth in a healthy mouth. He arranged to see me the next day when he confirmed with the x-ray that the tooth was an implant and found no indication that the implant failed. 

Dr. Peter concluded that the most likely problem was that the armature had loosened. He then drilled into the crown and explored to find the screw that secures the armature.

He then solved the issue gently and very successfully. The doctor was able to tighten the screw, pack the area, and seal the tooth. All I had to do was lie there and keep my mouth open. I am more grateful than I can say to be under the care of a highly skilled dentist with years of experience and a pleasant nature.” 

If you want to take inspiration from any 5-star dentist review examples, this is the one to pick. It is detailed, discusses the doctor’s patience, diagnosis, and patient care process, and mentions the results. A complete win as far as reviews go! 

How to get more 5-star reviews for your dental business? 

While 5-star reviews are essential for dental reputation management, they must be detailed and insightful, as shown in the examples above. But how can a dental clinic consistently get 5-star reviews? 

Image showing a sample review request that can be used by a dental clinic

Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Focus on providing a seamless patient experience by automating appointments and payments, securing patient data, and training staff and doctors. 
  • Proactively ask for reviews from all customers. Most patients will likely write a review, but clinics often miss opportunities to ask them. 
  • Automate review requests to patients. This ensures that you reach patients just as they complete a transaction and remember all the details, bringing a higher success rate. 
  • Use SMS to reach customers on mobile and add ease to the process of writing a review. 
  • Create, verify, and optimize your Google Business Profile across locations.
  • Effectively manage the social media channels for your dental practice to provide a seamless omnichannel experience to your patients. By monitoring your social media inbox, reposting happy customer stories, and more, you can establish a stronger connection with your patients. 

Did you know that 94% of healthcare reviews come from Google reviews? So don’t miss out on this important review channel. 

Know more about the best practices for getting healthcare reviews from patients with our guide. 

The right 5-star reviews can boost your online reputation 

For dental practices, investing in online reputation management is extremely crucial. The more positive reviews a clinic has, the more likely new patients will trust and choose its services. 

Therefore, it is important to prioritize an exceptional patient experience, from dental procedures and treatments to administrative processes and overall customer service. 

Developing a strong relationship with your patients can motivate them to leave detailed 5-star reviews, which can be a powerful endorsement for your practice. 

Frequently asked questions about 5-star dentist review examples 

How do you give a good review for a dentist? 

A good review for a dentist is detailed and provides specific information about the clinic environment, patient experience, equipment used, payment processes, and more. Be factual and present a neutral point of view about the dentist. 

How do you leave a review for a dentist? 

You can leave a review for a dentist by searching the dental clinic on Google or other niche websites like Healthgrades or Zocdoc. Find the profile, locate the “Write a review” button, and proceed to leave a review for your dentist. 

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