Digital Marketing for Dentists Boosts their Digital Presence

Dhiraj Nallapaneni

5 min read Last Updated Feb 25, 2020

digital marketing tips for dentists

As a dentist, you may offer the best treatment and have the best equipment to take care of your patients. However, all this wouldn’t yield the desired results if you’re not using any digital marketing tips to market your practice. As most of your prospective patients are searching for dentists in their neighborhood using the internet on mobile devices, your services and infrastructure must be complemented by a sound digital marketing strategy to attract patients. Digital marketing for dentists helps boost their digital presence. 

Here are some easy digital marketing tips that you should focus on to boost your digital presence and get more patients:

  • Start blogging
  • Optimize your website for mobile devices
  • Target local search results
  • Dominate social media
  • Build a solid online reputation

Start blogging

digital marketing tips for dentists - start blogging

Most of your digital marketing efforts will be based on the type of content that you share with your audience. This content should be optimized for search engines, should be shareable and should drive traffic. One of the best digital marketing tips is to add a blog page to your website. You can choose any popular blogging CMS, such as WordPress, for your website. This will help you write and publish blogs easily without getting much into the technicalities of website operations.

Once you have your blog page setup, start writing engaging and informative content on topics. Your audience would find such content valuable and won’t shy away from sharing it on social networks too. This will help you get more traffic to your website and expose you to a wider audience who may choose you over others whenever they need to visit a dentist.

Optimize your website for mobile devices

digital marketing tips for dentists - mobile optimized website

According to recent research, over 65% of healthcare searches happen on mobile devices and not desktops. If your website isn’t mobile-optimized, you end up providing a bad experience to around two-thirds of your web visitors. To better their experience, make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices and delivers a seamless experience to all your prospects, irrespective of the device they choose to visit your website.

This is among the most helpful digital marketing tips that will also help you keep your visitors engaged on your website for a longer time, giving them an opportunity to read more about you, the services you offer, your educational qualifications and experience and even your practice’s infrastructure.

Target local search results

When your prospective patients search for dentists, search engines generally list down dental practices that are in their neighborhood. If your dental practice doesn’t rank high in local search results, not many digital marketing tips will help you and you’ll lose a lot of potential business.

To rank high on local search results, you must ensure that your dental practice’s location and contact information is correctly tagged on all business listing websites and directories such as Google My Business, Facebook, etc. If you’re unable to find all directories where your dental practice is listed or believe that your business location is incorrect on some websites, you can use BirdEye’s online presence tool to help you correct your business listing and rank higher in local search results.

Dominate social media

digital marketing tips for dentists - dominate social media

Apart from search engines, your prospective patients may be using social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to get information about the best dentists in their neighborhood. To seek more patients from social media, you should start building a business page for your dental practice. To make the most out of it, share relevant and informative content on this page.

By doing this, you expose your practice to your target audience encouraging them to follow your page and share it. This enables you to build solid social relationships with your prospective audience. Additionally, you also encourage them to choose you over your competition whenever they’re searching for dentists.

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Build a solid online reputation

Google and other search engines consider patient reviews as an important search engine ranking factor. You have to encourage all your patients to review your practice. This will help you build a solid online reputation and rank higher in local search results. Additionally, you should regularly monitor all reviews so that you’re aware of patient concerns and can act on their feedback.

Make sure that you respond to all reviews that you receive so that your prospective patients believe that you value patient feedback, are ready to face criticism, and make changes to the way your practice operates to offer a great experience to all your patients. All those reviews will help you rank higher in search results. This would then drive more visits to your website and more patients to your practice.

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How can BirdEye help you?

BirdEye’s comprehensive online reputation management solution helps you take control of your online presence. It is an ideal platform for digital marketing for dentists. Additionally, it also helps you get more reviews and allows you to share them on social media platforms.  BirdEye also features a social publishing tool that you can use to schedule your social media posts in advance. These online marketing tools for dentists help you build a solid online reputation for your brand, which further encourages your prospective patients to visit your practice.

Find out how BirdEye can help you grow your practice.