Digital Marketing Tips for Realtors

Frederik Hermann

3 min read Last Updated May 14, 2020

digital marketing tips for realtors

As a realtor, you might be offering the best deals on buying or selling homes and the best assistance to your clients. If you are still not getting desired results, it’s about time to take your digital marketing strategy to another level. Here’s a few essential digital marketing tips that all realtors should know: 

1)      Build email list

As a real estate agent, invest some time in building your email list. It will help in keeping the prospective clients updated about your listings, events, and more. Furthermore, a comprehensive email list also helps in increasing the referrals and client retention.

How can I build an email list? 

One good way to capture email address is by hosting events or renting a booth at the trade fair. When people show up to the event, make them sign-in through a kiosk by entering their email and offer them freebies.  This way you’ll be able to capture the email address easily.

Tip: Don’t forget to share the event on Craiglist, Facebook and various other event platforms.

2)      Conduct open house live streams

It’s 2018, where live streams get important things done quickly! As a real estate agent, you should make the most of Instagram Live and Facebook Live. By  using the live feature, your current and prospective clients will be able to watch the open house from any location via their mobile devices. Open house live stream is one of the fastest growing digital marketing methods for attracting clients. 

How can I do a livesteam? 

To get your open house live stream maximum traction, create an event about it on your Facebook business page and send an invite to all its members. It will help members to set aside some time in advance to watch your video when you go live.  


  •         Don’t forget to save the live stream footage as you can re-post it later to increase reach
  •         While live-streaming of the house, ask and answer questions from the audience. It will help in keeping the discussions going

3)      Start a blog for new buyers

For the majority of people, buying or renting a home is a huge process as they need to sign lengthy contracts, put down security deposits and go through a number of tedious tasks. As a real estate agent, you can share your expertise with aspiring house buyers through an informative blog. Starting a blog will help prospective and current clients to understand about the fine nuances of buying and selling of the property. Later, when clients have need to buy or sell a property, they’ll come to you.

How Can I Start a Blog? 

Try adding 2 new blog posts every week on your blog. The blog posts should be detailed and should fully cover every aspect of the topic. If possible, try adding videos to make the audience understand the topic in a better way.


·         Try following the rules of search engine optimization (SEO) in your blogposts

·         Share your blogs through different social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. 

How can BirdEye help you?

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