Communication tips for mortgage brokers during COVID-19

Satya Kandala

4 min read Last Updated Apr 7, 2020

With a seemingly unstable economy and news of U.S. Federal Reserve’s recent rate cut announcement, homeowners everywhere are wondering if the time is right for refinancing their mortgage. With a refinance boom coming, everybody probably has a lot of questions. As a mortgage broker, this is the time to step up on communicating faster and better. So, how are mortgage brokers communicating during COVID-19?

Typically customers could call and reach their mortgage broker on their broker’s office landline. With offices closed or working shorter hours, mortgage brokers need new and innovative means to stay in communication with their customers. If you are looking for ideas, learning from the best practices of fellow mortgage brokers and loan officers is a good place to start. 

Here is how mortgage brokers are using Birdeye’s platform to communicate during COVID-19 crisis:

Use text to communicate effectively 

Text messaging has an open rate of 98%. Use this trusted channel to communicate with your customers effectively. With changes in work routines, text messages can be a reliable way to reach your current and potential customers. Here is how one of our mortgage agency clients is using text messages to communicate:

Stay connected with text messages

With so much changing around us, not everything feels like a priority. It is also likely that a few things slip our minds, such as making appointments or even mortgage payments. Mortgage brokers are using text messaging to stay connected by providing information via texts. It also makes customers feel less uncertain. Here is an example:

“We are an essential business. We need to make it as easy as possible for our clients to keep moving forward. Birdeye has allowed us to communicate in a way that reaches people.”

— Contour Mortgage Corporation

Mortgage brokers are also making use of texting from the landline feature to get more leads. This way the customer retains the single point of contact, which enables effective communication.

Use Webchat to get new customers

With so many offices cutting down on work hours or shifting to a work from home situation, it can be difficult to make and answer phone calls. With Webchat installed on your website, you can get leads straight to your Birdeye Inbox. Here is how one of our clients is using Webchat to get new customers:

Update your listings to keep customers informed

Chances are that your working hours and contact information have temporarily changed. Keep your customers updated by fixing your listings. For example, are you working shorter hours? With Birdeye, you can update your business hours or modify your business description to reflect the changes you have made during this crisis. This information will be updated across 50+ sites across the internet.

Customers will appreciate the updates and it will make your business the obvious choice. You also maintain transparency and promote loyalty by keeping your customers informed.

Send Announcements to your customers

It’s important to keep customers in the loop with the changes that your business is undergoing. Have you temporarily closed your office to implement social distancing? Are you now offering virtual consultations? Birdeye clients are using Announcements to send informational emails to customers. Here is an example:

How can Birdeye help

In these uncertain times, it is imperative for mortgage brokers to stay connected with their customers, who most likely have a lot of questions. By being available to answer their questions, your business will provide exceptional customer experience while also demonstrating that you care. 

To help you do this, Birdeye offers several communication tools to help you, such as Business Listings, Webchat, Inbox, landline texting and announcements. If you are an existing Birdeye customer and if you want to enable any of these tools for your practice, contact our support team at or call us at 1-800-561-3357 Extn 3.