5 Tips for Leveraging Online Content Marketing Strategy to Your Advantage

With rapid development in technology, online business has changed completely in terms of marketing. Therefore, a online content marketing strategy is an integral part of online marketing. SEO and content marketing strategies require creative and meaningful content to stay afloat in the business.

Like an offline marketing strategy, an online content marketing strategy also requires equal amount of planning and execution. A study indicates, 80% of the people use headlines to help them “decide if they wanted to read the full article before they had to click through” online. If not liked by the users, your content will never be viewed, much less shared via social media, rendering your campaign useless. With a constantly changing online marketing landscape, how can you adapt your content to stay ahead in the race?

Here are 5 important tips that can help you carve out a successful online content marketing strategy:

  • Know your end-user
  • Analyze market trends
  • Identify marketing channels
  • Keep tabs on competitors’ content
  • Perform regular content checks

Know your End-user

Realizing that to whom you want to sell your product has to be the number one criteria of forming an online content marketing strategy. You should try to get your end-user data by designing insightful surveys, conceptualizing content as per market trends and letting your audience know that it is available.

online content marketing strategy

By creating an interactive ‘gated information’ section you allow your customers to share their details. But this happens only if they are willing to read something that they find worthy enough. This does three major things:

Your online content strategy can help you represent as a thought leader in your industry

-You start getting the data which can help you promote your product online

You get a better idea of what your customers like or dislike as far as the content is concerned

Analyze Market Trends

When you start developing content based on your online content marketing strategy, you must know ‘what type of the content’ engages your consumer. By being proactive you can easily infer the current trends. Simultaneously you can design your content accordingly. With this approach, you will derive content marketing strategies and produce content that your consumers will actually want to engage with. For example, by getting to know the current search terms (keywords) for your industry you can build content that can help you rank higher on Google search.

Identify your Marketing Channels

Once you have generated customer engaging social media content, you must identify channels through which you would want to share it. Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter can be leveraged to share the content to your potential and existing customer base.

online content marketing strategy

These channels form the pillars on which you base your online content marketing strategy. You may also determine your promotion channels based on your marketing strategy. This ensures that your content is constantly reaching the customers. Additionally with social listening, you can draw actionable insights for your business. 

Keep tabs on competitors’ content

The other angle to potentially exploit the power of social media is to analyze the online content marketing strategy/ies of your direct and indirect competitors. It is important to know that smartphones are changing the dynamics of online marketing, as they allow consumers to watch videos on the go.

A close eye on how they share content with their customers. Options such as GIFs, Vlogs, etc. can help you impact the end-user with a lot more. There are social media content marketing tools that help you manage the online content across social media. You can now connect better with your customers using features such as social listening, social engagement and social publishing.  

Perform regular content checks

If your content has errors, it automatically loses the power to grip the end-user. While constantly framing content for your end user in a rapidly changing market scenario, there are chances that you might sometime make errors. Therefore, before pushing out the social media content, it has to be rigorously checked and has to be extensively proofread. A seamless reading or viewing experience is bound to generate interest in your consumer to explore your content further.

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