5 digital communication tips for property management companies during COVID-19

Dhiraj Nallapaneni

4 min read Last Updated Mar 18, 2021

Are you a property management company trying to make sure that you’re effectively communicating with tenants during COVID-19? We’re just a few months away from leasing season, and economic hardships mean that more Americans might be looking for new places to live.

We’ve seen property management companies using the Birdeye platform to make sure that they’re connecting with tenants and potential tenants more than ever. Here are some examples of property management companies communicating during COVID-19.

Make it easy for potential tenants to reach out

While customers may not be going to bars and restaurants, there are plenty of tenants who are still looking for housing, pandemic or not. Tenants might be hesitant to use your phone line (since businesses across the country are working from home), Webchat can make communication easier. 

Birdeye users use Webchat to interact with prospects. Birdeye users interact with prospects using Webchat. When a prospect is on the website, they can click on the Webchat icon and leave a message, along with a phone number. When an employee is available, they can respond to the prospect with a text message.

Answer questions

The process of finding a new place to live can be overwhelming. Even during a global pandemic, potential tenants are going to reach out about questions that they have.  Webchat makes it easy to answer these questions.

Send texts to your existing tenants

Of course, you shouldn’t just be communicating with your prospective tenants. Chances are that your existing tenants want to hear from you as well. Your tenants have a bunch of other things on their minds right now, so sending reminders via text message can help ensure that they remember scheduled appointments and rent payments. 

Want to get started sending texts? With Birdeye Inbox, you can send text messages. Birdeye also allows you to text from your landline, so that tenants’ phones will be able to recognize your number. 

Use announcements

Consider sending out an announcement via email telling tenants about the steps that you’re taking to combat the spread of COVID-19. A small piece of communication like this can be a great way to reassure your tenants that their safety is your top priority. 

With Birdeye, you can send these kinds of emails through the “Campaigns” tab. The Birdeye dashboard allows you to customize these emails with your unique branding. 

Update your business listings 

Chances are that your business has gone through some changes in the past couple of weeks. Maybe you’ve begun working from home and are using a new phone system. Maybe you’ve reduced your operating hours. No matter what changes you’ve made to your business, you want to make sure that your tenants are aware of these changes. 

Our property management clients have been using Birdeye to change their business hours and contact information. These changes are made within the Birdeye dashboard. Birdeye makes sure that this information is updated on 50+ sites where they may have their business listings. This helps to keep their contact information updated at all times and their prospective and current tenants are able to find them easily. 

Use tenant surveys 

In addition to the typical move-in and move-out surveys, property managers using Birdeye have started using surveys to look out for the safety of their employees. 

Since these surveys are fully customizable, Before a repair appointment, property managers have been sending surveys with questions meant to see if there’s a potential health risk: 

How Harman Property Management is communicating during COVID-19

While a global pandemic isn’t the easiest thing to adapt to, Harman Property Management has been using Birdeye to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible.

According to Rebekah Rudd of Harman Property Management, plenty of people have reached out to the company, asking things like “Are you still open?” While the business is still in operation, the business is taking more precautions and moving communications to digital. 

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