About 50% of people hire a wedding planner to help them with their special day. In today’s digital world, many of these engaged couples will visit websites like The Knot to assist in their search. 

The Knot is a wedding website that offers comprehensive wedding planning tools, resources, and a marketplace. 

Moreover, it has become the go-to site for wedding professionals seeking new customers. So, if you have a wedding business, setting up a profile on The Knot could be one of the most important decisions you ever make. 

This is a screengrab of The Knot website.

Below, we provide a handy guide on how best to set up a profile on The Knot that will make an impact and generate leads

What is The Knot, and how does it work?

The Knot is a platform primarily designed to reduce the frustration and guesswork of wedding planning. 

Preparing for a big wedding day is often stressful and emotionally charged.  

That’s something that the founders of The Knot Worldwide, David Liu and Carley Roney, experienced when planning their wedding. They realized they could’ve navigated this memorable part of life with less pain and effort if they only had access to better resources. 

They also realized early on that they weren’t the only couple facing these challenges during the wedding planning phase. After all, most recently engaged couples have to figure out guest lists, locations, timelines and schedules, deliveries, vendors, and, of course, payments. 

And they have to do all this without overshooting their budgets or overlooking other crucial details. So, Carley Roney and David Liu decided to create a viable solution.

In 1996, the couple and two of their now-business associates launched The Knot, Inc. Initially, the online company focused more on gift registry and wishlist organization. Then the team strategically partnered with media companies like QVC and the Oxygen Network to help promote their services. 

The Knot gradually grew its brand and expanded to include additional wedding-related resources and offerings.

By the 2000s, The Knot solidified its prominent space as a prolific player in the wedding industry. The company grew even more in 2019 after acquiring GigMasters and merging with WeddingWire.

This is a screengrab of The Knot website.

What makes The Knot different? 

The Knot isn’t just a wedding organizer or bridal resource hub like many others. It is different because it:  

  • Allows users to set up a free wedding website to keep guests in the loop. 
  • Ease of finding wedding professionals and vendors like bridal salons, florists, hotels, photographers, and wedding venues. 
  • Combined with its full suite of planning tools, vendor lists, and wedding day schedules, couples can stay focused without losing sight of minor details. 
This is a screengrab of The Knot website.

Why is The Knot important for wedding vendors?

As a wedding vendor, establishing a presence on The Knot will provide you with the following benefits: 

  • Exposure to a massive audience: The Knot ranks as one of the top platforms for wedding planning. It has a massive user base consisting of millions of engaged couples from across the globe. For this reason, it attracts numerous vendors from the wedding industry that want to provide their services to this large and growing user base. 
  • Credibility and trust: Users trust The Knot due to its rock-solid reputation and excellent planning tools. Vendors understand this and establish a presence on The Knot to enhance their trustworthiness and attract customers. 
  • Targeted marketing: Vendors must create profiles when signing up for The Knot. And this is great because these profiles also reveal vendor products, services, and customer reviews. 
  • This approach allows vendors and customers to connect based on their preferences instead of relying on ads and other marketing methodologies.
This is a screengrab of The Knot website.
  • Lead generation: Couples may fill out an inquiry form to confirm their interest in a vendor’s offerings. Therefore, the vendor knows which couples are good leads that may become paying clients. 
  • Reviews and testimonials: Couples often leave reviews and provide testimonials about their dealings with the various vendors on The Knot. When a wedding vendor receives praise and positive feedback, other users will likely want to do business with the same vendor. 
  • Networking opportunities: What makes The Knot such a powerful platform for wedding-related brands is its networking capabilities. Vendors and professionals from the wedding industry can connect and collaborate, build fruitful professional relationships, and acquire new wedding clients. The Knot facilitates all these networking opportunities effectively and seamlessly, which leads to serious bottom-line growth. 

Should I collect The Knot reviews?

Yes, absolutely. Leveraging The Knot reviews can be a great way to acquire new wedding clients and build your brand’s reputation as you reach out to potential customers. 

The user reviews on The Knot are reliable and accurate, so they should definitely be considered when looking for ways to attract more business.

This is a screengrab of The Knot website.

Be sure to follow these steps: 

Claim and optimize your profile

Sign up on The Knot and claim your business profile. Fill out all the necessary information in detail. 

  • Include descriptions of your wedding products or services, add high-quality images, and include all your contact information. 
  • Make sure your website looks professional and modern before adding your website link.

Offer exceptional service

Wedding clients expect exceptional service, and you should provide this consistently if you wish to stay relevant on The Knot. 

  • Stay on top of client requests and feedback
  • Be prepared to go the extra mile to meet and exceed their expectations. 
This image shows a wedding planner convincing her client with a wedding plan.

Request reviews promptly

Soon after the wedding, send a personalized message or email thanking your customers for their business. 

Request to share their thoughts about their experiences with your business on your profile. 

  • Make it easy for The Knot users to leave reviews

In your communications, have a direct link to your profile where customers can leave their reviews. Provide a short and well-written step-by-step guide with images to facilitate the review process. 

Engage with reviewers

Always respond to all reviews you receive promptly, and thank your customers for their feedback. The same applies to those that leave negative feedback, as you can turn things around by addressing any issues they may have.  

This image shows wedding preparation and discussion between the client and its customer.

Leverage social proof

Post all positive reviews and testimonials on your website and social media channels to build credibility with potential customers. 

Continuously improve your services

The customer feedback you receive will help you pinpoint the areas of your business that need attention. Focus on these specific areas ongoing to improve your future projects. Customers love seeing their feedback applied. 

The image shows a weding planner listed on The Knot.

How to leave a review on The Knot?

It’s a relatively simple process for users to leave reviews on The Knot. Use these steps as a reference.

Step #1: Sign up for a Personal Wedding Plan

It is available on the main page of The Knot website. Provide an email address and password. Then, respond to the verification email The Knot sends you to complete the signup process.

Step #2: Go to The Knot Marketplace

Select the vendor or wedding professional you want to review. Choose the category they operate in via the dropdown menu under “Category” and enter their location under “City, State.” 

Or you can click on “Search” or “Search by Vendor Name” to find your vendor.

Step #3: Locate your vendor’s page

Once you’ve found your vendor in the listings, look at the top of the page for the “Reviews” tab or scroll down to locate the “Write a review” button. Click on either of these to proceed with the review process. 

Step #4: Enter your rating and write a review

Describe how you participated in the wedding. Read over your review and make any changes before submitting. 

Be sure to review and officially comply with the term and conditions, as reviews that fail will be removed. 

Here is a demo of how to leave a review on The Knot if you are a customer. 

What other wedding sites are there besides The Knot?

Couples seeking help online for their wedding plans have several options available besides The Knot. Here are some of the other top choices:

1. WeddingWire

WeddingWire and The Knot have the same parent company — The Knot Worldwide. But they serve two different audiences. WeddingWire targets couples preferring to plan the entirety of their weddings while working with several vendors. 

WeddingWire also has an extensive list of caterers, which The Knot doesn’t readily feature.

2. Zola

Zola started life as a wedding registry and gradually expanded its other wedding-related offerings. The main difference is that this company doesn’t rely on vendors paying a fee to generate revenue. 

Instead, Zola sells wedding-based items while providing users with free wedding organizational and planning tools.

3. Bridebook

Bridebook is a UK-based wedding planning app serving users in 185 countries. 

Currently, it only offers access to vendors in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, and Germany. But there are plans to connect vendors with customers in the United States, Mexico, Spain, the Netherlands, Singapore, and India. 

Nevertheless, users from anywhere can still use the app’s budget, checklist, and guest list tools to plan their weddings. 

FAQs about The Knot reviews

Are reviews on The Knot reliable?

Yes, reviews on The Knot are reliable. However, users should practice due diligence. Check the comments left on the vendor’s Facebook page or elsewhere if you suspect, they received too many glowing reviews on The Knot.

Is The Knot really free?

There is a free account option, but it’s severely limited for professionals. However, there’s a Lite account at $50 and a Standard account for $120, with the latter being the better option for most wedding professionals looking to leverage the site’s best features and value.

What is better: WeddingWire or The Knot?

The Knot is better for tapping into a larger pool of potential bridal and newly-engaged clients. However, WeddingWire is the right choice for caterers who target self-planning couples.  

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