Communicating with Customers During the Covid-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 is impacting businesses all over the world. In these times, taking steps to ensure the safety of your employees and customers is critical. What is also important is – staying connected with your customers. You need to let them know you are taking all precautions to ensure their safety while they continue to do business with you. If you have reduced working hours or have changed your contact details temporarily – they need to know that too.

Here is how your BirdEye suite of products can help you stay in communication with your customers throughout these difficult times. And if you need help with implementing any of the BirdEye features, just contact our support team at and they will be happy to set you up.

How Can I Use My BirdEye Account to Communicate with Customers?

Update your business listings: Businesses all over the world are changing their operations in response to COVID-19. If you’re making changes, it’s important that this is reflected in your business listings across the internet.

If you have enabled listings management, you can conveniently update critical information like your business hours, phone number, etc across your 50+ business listings with a click of a button. Just go to the settings tab within your BirdEye account and follow these steps.

Use texts to communicate: It may be tough for you to communicate with your customers’ in-person or over the phone. Instead, you can use text message conversations to keep in touch.

BirdEye Inbox can help you stay in touch with your customers. You can send texts to customers to update them about your business and manage your conversations in one place. It’s a great way to stay on top of customer conversations. You can even use your landline phone to text your customers, so they know the messages are from you.

Use Webchat to answer customer questions: If you have subscribed to Webchat, you already know that it can help you turn website visitors into customers. This powerful tool can also come in handy to help you answer questions from your customers. If you’re closed, chances are that people will want to know when you’ll next be open. That’s where chat can help you. Studies have shown that customers prefer chat to both phone and email.

If you have subscribed to Webchat, you can set it up for your business by following these instructions. If you need help to activating Webchat for your website reach out to your BirdEye representative or send an email to

What else?

Keep your Google My Business (GMB) profile up to date: Your Google My Business profile is an important element of your local search ranking. It is also the source of truth about your business (other than your website). Just like your other business listings, make sure that the information on your GMB profile is accurate. You can create GMB posts to talk about the safety measures you have put in place for your customers. These posts are temporary and only last 7 days, but they can help update your customers on what’s happening with your business. For more ways to optimize your profile, check out our guide to Google My Business.

Add a FAQ section to your website: As you continue to up your customer communication game, your customers may still need static information that they can refer to at any time. Consider adding a FAQ section to your website. For example, if you’re a yoga studio with monthly subscriptions, a customer might ask something like, “Will I be refunded for this month’s subscription due to COVID-19?”

Adding an FAQ section is a great way to free up different communication channels, as some customers with questions may choose to read the FAQ instead. Your website administrator may be able to set this up for you.


Do you have more questions on what else you can do in times like these? Leave a comment, and our team will get back to you with an answer.

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