Top 4 Real Estate Social Media Marketing Musts

Frederik Hermann

4 min read Last Updated Mar 6, 2020

Top real estate social media marketing musts

Nowadays, social media is a must for businesses of all industries.  We compiled four real estate social media marketing musts:

  • Presence on Facebook
  • Using Twitter to your advantage
  • Gain exposure through Linkedin
  • Post more videos and pictures

Let’s discuss them in detail:

Presence on Facebook

With more than 2 billion users worldwide, Facebook is one of the best ways to connect with prospective clients. Make note that your flow of posts on Facebook should be consistent. Post news about the real estate industry. Realtors should integrate Facebook with their blog. That makes it easy to share every new article that’s written. 

As a realtor, you can also use Facebook ads to market your business and new properties. Make clearly targeted Facebook ads with great copy and striking images. Make sure to use the pictures of the properties you’re promoting in the Facebook ads.

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Using Twitter to your advantage

Twitter may not be widely used as Facebook for marketing, but of late it has managed to surprise everyone. The primary challenge is to create a timeline that interests both – buyers & sellers.

To gain more exposure, try tweeting too often. Remember, the more you tweet, the more chances you have to generate new leads.  You can tweet about things like:

  •         Sharing a new listing
  •         Advice on moving out to a new home
  •         Tips to upgrade your home

Don’t ignore the importance of hashtags as they are very useful in searching for a topic on Twitter. Being a realtor, you can use the hashtags related to the geographic area you operate in. Realtors can also use hashtags related to recent events and keywords. Twitter no doubt is one of the popular real estate social media marketing musts.

Gain exposure through Linkedin

Apart from Facebook and Twitter, Linkedin is one platform which is often overlooked. Through this, realtors can establish their professional online reputation. They also get good exposure to local banks, investors and more. By sharing content which is the perfect amalgamation of photos and information about current & upcoming projects will result in rise of your followers. Articles and whitepapers on real estate trends can also be shared.

The must-haves on your Linkedin page:

  •         A good profile picture with the logo of your business
  •         Eye-catching cover picture related to your services
  •         A short and concise bio that informs prospects about ‘what you do’
  •         Don’t forget to add your accolades and accomplishments

Bonus Tip:  Try to use same profile picture on all your social media channels. It will not only add to the consistency but also make you easily recognizable by your followers/prospects.

Post more videos and pictures

Social media marketing has evolved majorly over the past few years. You have to stay updated with all the current trends as it is vital to success. When it comes to social media marketing, the pendulum is slowly shifting from traditional text-based marketing to image & video based marketing.

According to Trend Reports, majority of people between 65% to 85% describe themselves as visual learners. It means they are easily able to digest information by viewing pictures rather than text.

Realtors can increase the engagement level of their followers by sharing pictures and video clips on all their socials media platforms. The advantages of posting pictures and videos are:

  •         Helps in catching audience’s attention
  •         Makes the point brilliantly
  •         Images add a splash of color

Social media is a powerful tool, and can let you score numerous clients if used wisely. To learn how you can respond to social comments and reviews from one control panel, read more about Birdeye’s social engagement tool. 

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